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Voting Event (February 18 ~ March 3)

Voting Event (February 18 ~ March 3)  

1,235 members have voted

  1. 1. Who do you think should be the winner of 2020 NeonMaker Lighting Mix Season 1' s Winner?

    • [France] Wael El Kadri
    • [Sri lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu
    • [Philippines] Samuel Callanta
    • [India] Maulik Patel
    • [Canada] Jonathan Lightwood
    • [Australia] Corey Gregory
    • [China] 李偉 Wei Lee
    • [USA] Calen Saddler
    • [USA] Ben Quintanilla
    • [USA] Timmy Parker

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For me, Corey is the clear winner here. He did not resort to video tricks, but clearly showed some of the things that these Quad fans can do. The itemized list of effects at the end is a bonus. These are only the beginning and endless variations are possible.

We can learn something and be inspired by all of the entries. I also like the smaller catalog of effects by Maulik Patel. Wael El Kadri and 李偉 Wei Lee had some nice color patterns as well.

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I superly vote for Corey Gregory😎

Huge fan of his work and he inspired me to try and do my own diy mods and builds thanks for him he should win this event🙌😝

Like this custom pc i builded from scratch😱

Thanks again for the insperation and subscribe his youtube channel😎


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