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  1. DOA Toughpower DPS G 750w

    Hi Tzeuniz, you can use voltage meter to test if PSU provides stable 12V, 5V,and 3.3V if it's okay, it may have problem with cable line then, i will suggest you to get RMA
  2. DOA Toughpower DPS G 750w

    Hi Tzeunis, according to your issue, there might be problems with motherboard, RAM, cable, case bottom or power supply it's hard to distinguish which one is failed If there is a start bottom (red one) on your motherboard, you can try to start computer with it (shown as following picture) If it is still not working, then I will suggest you check all these components one-by-one or you can find the retailer to check for you
  3. Hi everyone, We launched brand new PC APP 3.0 recently which is suitable for all TT digital power supply Following are the key features: 1. Brand new PC interface for intuitive control 2. RGB lighting mode control 3. Real-time PSU & PC status monitoring 4. Smart Fan mode 5. Malfunction warning alert To see more info or download the APP, please click here Please feel to let us know if any feedback or opinions
  4. DPS 3.0 Error "INIT FAILED"

    Hi Skunkfoo, usually it will happen when the system can't detect your CPU or VGA. Please try to re-install the APP by administrator again please also provide us your hardware spec including Motherboard/ CPU/ VGA that we can check from our side
  5. Hi Jwar, Normally it will happen when the electric company doesn't provide stable electricity for power supply. DPS G PC APP will inform you when abnormal conditions happen So, if this situation doesn't happen a lot, you can continue to use this. But, if it happens a lot, we will suggest to get a RMA
  6. 1500W USB cannot connect to DPS

    Hi Aplah Zulua, sorry for causing you trouble, hope everything goes well after you get your RMA if there is anything need us help, please feel free to let us know
  7. Thermaltake Toughpower Grand RGB 850 Watt

    Hi the-jackyal, The one you bought "Toughpower Grand RGB 850W" is our analog power supply, if you would like to use the digital software "DPS G PC APP", I will suggest you to buy Toughpower DPS G RGB 850W Gold. You could see the following link for more information Product info: http://www.thermaltake.com/Power_Supply/Toughpower_Series_/Toughpower_DPS_G/C_00002917/Toughpower_DPS_G_RGB_850W_Gold_/design.htm Buy link: https://www.amazon.com/Thermaltake-Toughpower-256-Color-Warranty-PS-TPG-0850FPCGUS-R/dp/B01I157UAS?th=1