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Last time i checked, it was just the base lighting of the dalek mod, now this!!!! Progress just keeps getting better and better, goodluck man!

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So this weekend, I worked a bit on the light system for this section.

I planned to build a running light effect here.
I sorted all the necessary parts ans soldered the circut.



To place the LEDs more inpedendently I already solderd all the resistors.
There is some space left in the top right. Here I will ad another LED effect later.


Speaking of LEDs, for this particular effect, I need 32 LEDs, so I attachd cables to every singel one.



Then, I cut the acrylic parts for the light. Because every LED will be lighten up one section, I needed also 32 acrylic parts.
After cutting all the parts were sanded down to refract the light later on.





Then I glued the LEDs into place and made a first test if it fit.




Also the running light was tested.



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Thanks man! Yeah, the circut itself is not very difficult bur the soldering takes some time. Could have done it with an adruino but i like it the "old" way more. And I can easily exchange some parts if necessary.

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Thanks to all!

Here is another update.


Next up, I made the basic construction of the top part.

I took half of a styrofoam bowl and covered it with some glasfiber.



There are some detail lines on this part in the original that I also wanted to reproduce. Therefore, I cut small stripes
from craft foam and glued it into place. Then the hole body was covered with body filler.




Then, I removed the craft foam. I got some nice looking and straight lines.




The styrofoam was removed with some aceton.


To make the top part holding to the part below, I glued round guiding rails inside the the bowl and ontop of the mid section.
Now I can rotate the top part, but it will not fall down. I also will build and automatic rotation system later.



I, put the parts together to see the final dimensions of the mod. It is about 1,15 meters high.



Next up, I will work my way back from top to bottom. I will add all the details and moveable parts and make it ready for painting.

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I never thought glass fiber could actually be used for housing a build. I always thought it'd be metal, plastic, or tempered glass. I always learn something new whenever i visit ur build log man, thanks a lot for the new knowledge :)

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At the end the Mod shloud also be movable, so I needed some kind of wheels on the bottom.

I simply designed some. I also included a cogwheel that will be used for the motorization.
Then the printing started.




To get better grip to various surfaces, I cut stripes from craft foam and glued it on the wheels.



The mounting was build from wood.But because the wheels will be directly connected to the motor they will
not move without electricity. For this purpose I also installed some kind of special wheels that can be used to move the mod
even without any electric power. I use some magnets to fold them in when not in use. In the front there is only one wheel.
This gives the mod the most stability.





The Dalek also got some kind of nose on the head part. This piece was 3d printed. I did a first round of sanding but there is still
some work left.




The inside is covered with a small acrylic lens. I put an led behind to get a glowing effect.


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U really put a lot of labor in creating this build man. Some serious hard work going on. Ur building a dalek that's harder to build than a real dalek, hahahaha. Great job man, last time i checked it was about the head, now its about mobility. Looking forward for more updates on your build.

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