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  1. Very nice custom LCS build! haha i like the way the pump is mounted
  2. We built a few custom rigs for Computex 2013 which is your favorite? More event photos: Link
  3. Anyone miss out on CES 2013? here are some of the photos!
  4. Check out what we had on display at Cebit 2009 !!
  5. Here are some of our custom builds that were displayed at Cebit 2011 Let us know which one you guys like better For more event photos head over to our event thread : Link
  6. Check out what we had for display at Cebit 2011 ! Anything you like?
  7. Here are some of our builds displayed at CES 2014, let us know what your favorite build is!
  8. Check out what we had to show back at Computex 2009!
  9. Here are some of the Computex 2010 event photos for the guys that missed it! Whats your favorite?
  10. Here are some of the photos from Computex 2013, what's your favorite? Booth design Modding cases Urban series in white Chaser tank mod More tanks Level 10 Avengers mod Chaser, AMD red theme Urban series, simple yet elegant
  11. For the people that did not catch us back at Computex 2014, i have uploaded some of the photos for you guys to check out! Let us know in the comments what was your favorite product last year Booth design Storage Power supply Cooling Core V41 Core V1 Core V31 NVidia Core V71 Test bench setup Aircooling Pacific RL series Radiators More Radiators! Laptop cooling More laptop cooling! Luna fans Pure series fans Water 3.0 Ultimate 360mm AIO watercooling Water 3.0 Pro & Water 3.0 Performer Fittings! Waterblocks D5 Pumps 5.25" bay reservoir External Storage Fan hub and a lot of fans Our display setup!
  12. Wow, thats a nice V3 mod!! is that the same case or did you buy another? i think both builds look awesome
  13. HAHA I've always wanted to try that! I've owned a marshal amp when i use to play guitar but never had the opportunity to connect it to my computer, hows it sound? any bass?
  14. I'm very excited for this build, seems like a lot of planning went into it Its going to be a beast!
  15. Cant wait to see the build commence! pics pics pics
  16. Yeh thats true, Tahiti runs quite hot but for the power to price ratio its awesome!
  17. What do I do if I didn't receive any verification or reset email? Can’t find the verification or reset email? Here are some easy ways to help you find it. 1. Search for the email We send the email from the address "Thermaltake" so you can do a quick search for it in your email search tab. If it’s not located in your inbox, please check your folders. If a spam filter or email rule moved it, you might find it in the Spam, Junk, Trash, Deleted Items, or Archive folders. 2. Are you checking the correct account? If you're looking for a password reset email, make sure you're checking the correct email inbox. If you're looking for a verification email, please review all the email addresses you have on file, including the one that you're trying to verify. 3. Resend the email To resend a reset your email, Click on I've forgotten my password then follow the steps to reset your password. 4. Make sure that you are receiving email If you're not receiving any email, you might need to contact your email service provider for assistance. 5. Contact us for help Please drop an email to ttcommunity@thermaltake.com with your registered username/email.
  18. Hello jmanz Don't worry too much about the forth pin, its actually there for an added level of control. The 3pin female header will work just fine
  19. , We are at the final stages of testing the cloud and mobile app, but to make certain it will be a successful and hassle free launch, we have been running closed beta testing for the last few months. The official date for launch has not been confirmed but the cloud and mobile platforms should be available this march so look out for it!
  20. That's great news that you've solved the problem, please let us know if you run into any others Thanks
  21. Hello AlexeyAR5 Because your WD Green 500GB can be recognized it seems like the enclosure is fine. Can you please test your 5TB WD Red HDD by directly plugging it into your system via sata? We just want to check if the drive is working properly, thanks
  22. Looking like its going to be a awesome build! cant wait to see the progress, subscribed!
  23. Tt Andy

    Versa H23

    No problem Beware, looking forward to seeing your build!
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