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  1. Hi, Which version of RGB plus you using right now?
  2. Hi, If the fans you have are not TT RGB Plus enabled products, you can not control the fan speed, the only way would be BIOS.
  3. Hi, It sounds like a molex 4pin connector issue, could you try another 4pin connector.
  4. Hi, It could be the molex issue, i would suggest plug the controller and 3 x pure plus to another 4 pin, see if it work.
  5. Hi, Thank you for supporting Thermaltake. May I know which case you have right now? We have some new 200mm case fans, do you prefer RGB OR Non-RGB?
  6. Hi, Thank you for supporting Thermaltake. Please allow me to clarify the issues. 1. The LEDs on pump and fan do not light up. 2. Floe DX 240 connects to controller, but TT RGB Plus shows "H_0x0001" (that means can not detect the controller). 3. pump PWM plugged to CPU fan header, 2 x RGB fans + 1 x pump RGB plugged into the controller. 4. Did you connect any other devices to the controller? or Did you have any extra controllers connect?
  7. Hi, To install AIO on P5, you may need the bracket, please check the link below. https://www.thermaltake.com/core-p5-aio-bracket.html
  8. Hi Thank you. Our customer service will contact you soon.
  9. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. It sounds like the LEDs are defective, please leave your contact info here, our customer service will contact you soon.
  10. Hi, Thank you for supporting Thermaltake. To read the real-time temp from TF2 in TT RGB Plus, TF2 only works with the controller come with the following 2 products, which has temp sensor built in the controller. 450-500L/H is the SPEC, means once you start running your liquid cooling system, the resistance from all LCS components will reduce the flow rate dramatically, ex, tubing, water blocks, and fittings will produce fluid resistance. https://www.thermaltake.com/thermaltake-pacific-tf2-temperature-and-flow-indicator.html
  11. Hi, If i understand right, it looks like the fans you have are our ARGB series fans that comes with our Versa case, those fans are designed to connect to MB and controlled by MB RGB software, therefore, those fans do not support our TT RGB Plus software. the following link is fans that support our TT RGB Plus. https://www.thermaltake.com/products/fans.html?cat=89
  12. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. i may need the following info for troubleshooting. 1. how may devices you connect? 2. how you connect it? ex, 3 x riing quad into 1 x controller on 1 molex cable.
  13. Hi, Looks like the ARGB leds are defective, can you give me your contact info, i will pass to our customer service team for RMA.
  14. Hi, 2 more things need you to try and provide. 1. Is it specific two fans you moved to 2nd controller, or there are any 2 fans will cause the issue? 2. could you upload the photos of your system and how you connect these fans, controllers, molex cable.
  15. Hi, Does the cord for RGB come with our fans or the Versa rgb case? the reason i asked is if the fans you bought is TT RGB PLUS enabled products, it does not come with a RGB cord for MB RGB header, so could you let me know the product name of the RGB fans? and if possible, could you send us some photos your systems, specially how you connected the fans, controller, and cord to mb header. thank you for your support.
  16. Hi, Thank you, will check it asap, keep you updated.
  17. Hi, May i know which AIO liquid cooler bought? Sorry for the inconvenience.
  18. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. Need some info for troubleshooting. 1. you power supply model? 2. how you connect the six riing trio fans? ex, 6 riing trio fans connects with one 4pin molex cable? 3. any other products connecting with the 4pin molex cable? One thing you may try if you did plug 6 riing trio fans with one 4pin molex, move 3 riing trio fans to another molex, see if the issue still happen.
  19. Hi, Sorry for the incontinence. Some info may need from you for troubleshooting. 1. Can you list what products and how many you connect? 2. Power supply model? 3. How you connect these products? ex. one peripheral cable connects 1 controller + 3 Riing Trio fans
  20. Hi, you can upload your log here, i will download and pass to our team, thank you.
  21. Hi, Thanks for your support. UX200 already a MB RGB software controlled cooler, it can not connect to TT sync controller.
  22. Hi, It seems a HWinfo issue that causes conflict with windows, i uploaded a test version 1.3.8 without HWinfo (this will not show system temp), please uninstall the current one, and try this, if the test version works properly, the next step we need you to do is to uninstall the test version, and re-install 1.3.7 you can download it on our website, and follow the attached Debug instruction, to enable the debug mode, then upload the log here for us. Once we confirm the issue, will fix it asap. TT RGB PLUS Debug Mode.docx TT_RGB_Plus_Setup_1.3.801_x64.exe.zip
  23. Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience, our R&D team is trying to figure out what's wrong, will update a new version here early next week.
  24. Hi, Our PM team figured out two way to solve the issue, you may try it. solution 1 : allows you to run TT RGB PLUS with admin and the 2nd account without lighting conflict. solution 2 : run tt rgb plus on 2nd account but cant change the lighting admin change.docx
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