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  1. The inline control at the cable has a button to mute and unmute the microphone.
  2. The Level 10 GT supports 120mm and 240mm radiators but not the 360mm radiator of the Water 3.0 Ultimate. Please contact Newegg customer support and try to change your order, e.g. to a Water 3.0 Extreme.
  3. It can only be a matter of days, we've received stock in Germany already and Alternate listed it too.
  4. Does your PC only freeze when you run a game? Does it only happen when the Challenger Ultimate is connected?
  5. My Black Element is sometimes not used for several hours and I do not have that issue. This sounds like your device might be defective. I suggest to RMA it through your vendor or our direct customer support. What region do you live in?
  6. Please make sure you have the correct profile selected while you are ingame. You can switch profiles with the key in the top right corner that has the 3 quares and 1, 2, 3 on it. You might want to try if the macro works in Windows first (e.g. open notepad). When you switch the profile, you should get a GUI notification.
  7. How long until it goes to sleep mode? I use the same mouse at home and am not aware of a built in sleep mode.
  8. It was communicated in our press releases and CES coverage. The Core X models might be sold in other countries soon.
  9. Hello PotatoBling, do you get the following message? If yes, please try the following: - Download this tool - Start the tool as administrator and click "RESET" - Restart your computer and the issue should be fixed. Also, make sure you have the latest AP version (V1.2) and firmware (1.3) installed. Let us know if it worked please
  10. The Core X series is exclusive for SCAN in the UK and Alternate in Germany for the time being (in Europe).
  11. So you mean you want to use the dedicated macro keys as extra keys that are not on a regular keyboard? This is not possible. You'll need to assign a key that you do not use in the game to a macro key and bind it accordingly. If I misunderstood, please let me know.
  12. The Poseidon ZX is not available in the Netherlands, sorry. You could probably order through Amazon.com or other US online shops.
  13. "The graph" does not take into account that you can use a couple of cm extra on both front and rear of the case for the graphics card. 590mm will fit 100%
  14. 590mm long graphics cards will fit. Are there graphics cards that long out there already?
  15. I took a ruler and measured from side to side, the measurements from this graph are a bit more sophisticated. You can believe them.
  16. That section is 590mm from front to rear, 360mm from left panel to right panel and 155m from bottom to the dividing frame.
  17. The X9 has about 51mm clearance to the top ODD, 99mm to the second ODD and 142mm to the third ODD. With a 102mm thick setup, you'd end up with only one usable ODD (assuming it longer than 360mm). What bottom bay to you mean? The bottom ODD bay or the other HDD bays at the bottom of the case?
  18. If you want me to measure the X9 for you, I can do that. Got a ruler right here
  19. Limitations for the radiator thickness at the top of the case are 48mm with all ODD cages in. With the top ODD cage taken out, it is 92 mm (you can take out the second and the third too, of course). The rest is only limited by your hardware.
  20. Did this happen from day 1 or is this an issue that occured after a while? Amazon offers returns through their website. Alternatively, you can return the mouse through one of our branch offices. In which country do you live so we can provide you with the correct shipping details?
  21. Hello Zachary, the anti-ghosting matrix of the Poseidon ZX is unfortunately not compatible with Mac OS and can cause glitches. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please get in touch with our customer service, if the vendor does not take it back.
  22. Tte Martin

    Core X9

    Hello Chiobe, the double radiator setup at the bottom is supported in stacking mode and if the PSU is mounted in the other stacked case. There is no alternative space for the PSU intended. The same applies to the drive cages. Up to 3 drives can be installed at the ODD slots, however. Also, a radiator can only be mounted at the side without PSU/drive bays. This means the maximum amount of radiators at the same time (non-stacked) is 6 (1 front, 1 rear, 1 side, 2 top, 1 bottom). If you give us a rundown of what you want to do, we can check if that is possible - or you can read a review (a couple are already published). Since the cases are exclusively distributed through some key clients with online shops, it is not possible to have a look at the chassis at the store next door.
  23. The release date might be different in different regions. Where are you from?
  24. Thanks for the feedback. It's great to read that the new direction is well perceived by our users. The Core X2 will be available in the UK at SCAN Computers by the end of January, by the way
  25. You can take out the caps and clean the whole keyboard with water too - just make sure it is disconnected from the PC during the cleaning and that there is no water left in the keyboard when you reconnect it or it might short-circuit.
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