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Found 25 results

  1. Greeting to all Smart Pro RGB owners: Welcome to the Smart Pro RGB Bronze Owners Club. Once again you have made the right decision...and we thank you for that. Smart Pro RGB Bronze series is our first fully modular bronze power supply alone with the best features and most affordable price ever. Welcome to share your builts and ask questions here, we are looking forward to see all amazing works around the world.
  2. Hello my Fellow TT Army: Welcome to the Toughpower Grand RGB Gold Owners Club. Once again you have made the right decision...and we thank you for that. Toughpower Grand series is one of our best series so far and this ATX PSU contain all the best features and most affordable price ever. Welcome to share your builts and ask questions here, we are looking forward to see all amazing works around the world.
  3. I recently went nuts doing a near all TT build in regards to case, fans, PSU and CPU Cooling. It has been a rough couple of days getting this stuff to work. The best I had it was last night where I had everything being seen by the software and running as I liked with the eception of the two front Riing Trio 20 fans having three led's not winning to change colour like they are burnt in. I have stopped using the TT RGB Plus software for now and letting them cycle in the rainbow default and these couple of led's on each DO NOT CYCLE COLOURS STILL. When I booted up today the second fan controller is no longer being seen by the software nor os the PSU. I already downsized from three controllers after the third stopped being seen after one day now I am going through it alll over again. The software needs a complete overhaul. It is ugly and really doesnt work well. If I cant get this stuff working I'll be looking for a refund on EVERYTHING from Thermaltake directly as these are not working as they should. The PSU is connected directly to the motherboard as for some reason i it doesn't have a plug compatible to the fan controllers? How many USB 2.0 heads on the motherboard do you guys want to waste? I had to sacrifice not having USB 2.0 on my front case panel this is stupid.
  4. Hi there I've been trying to get a hold from someone at thermaltake for a couple of weeks now, and I've not had any luck. I tried the thermaltake reddit page and was directed to try my luck here, so here I am. I submitted a service request on the 14th of January, for my psu that failed, but have yet to hear anything Any help would be appreciated! T138204 is my request# It seems very bleak as all I've seen and heard are other users who've waited for months and haven't heard back from thermaltake. Thanks!
  5. I'm considering changing my case for this V250, but I think my 8 pin connector is not going to get o the MOBO socket, neither does the one I have so it's on front of my MOBO. I want it tuckered in the back of the MOBO stand so it doesn't steal from airflow and plain aesthetics. So I don't know how to make sure the cable will be long enough, just someone who already has this case can tell me. The PSU should be 600W and above, maybe 650 is a nice power standpoint
  6. Sir I m new here Thanks for wellCome me.My Name Rizwan From Pakistan. I have come one issue in my PC plz fix this issue I have system mobo.Msi b450 Tomahawk . Pro.Amd Ryzen 5 3600 and ram Patriot viper 3733mhz 16Gb ram.and Gigabyte ssd 120gb.and second I attached.seagate BaraCoda 2tb HDD.Gpu. Sapphire Nitro Rx 580 8gb .I start my PC but come in window and working some time 15mint or sometimes working one Hours and auto restart CPU I check my PSU Voltage drop.any idea how to fix my PSU Voltage drop Problem thanks All. PSU.Thermaltake Tr2 Rx 850w
  7. I am waiting for the rest of my parts to come in but I am building an Asus rampage 6 extreme core p5 build. I am using Asus thor 850w power supply and i need to find a way to mount it in the traditional way instead of the Thermaltake way fan facing out. Also, I am using an AIO cooler from Asus so there is the mounting bracket issue. I have the brackets and the case. (I ordered the separate 3 mounting brackets) I am waiting for the graphics card, the processor and the cooler and the rest of the ram to arrive. I ordered custom 3D printed brackets for a horizontal (traditional mount) psu mounting position. I am hoping my motherboard is large enough to allow the AIO cooler to mount in the space allocated for the radiator on the case. If not I may get Thermaltake’s P5 pump and do it myself. This is the first time I have ever built a computer so I wanted to keep it as simple as possible and in my skill level. That being said, I read and watched a guy mount the cooler sideways using the vga brackets. (the covers used to cover the spots where the graphics card(s) go. I am not sure of their name) I am hoping to get some help from the community because I am new to all this. Here’s to DIY and community to help.
  8. Hello. I'm assembling my computer inside a Core X5 chassis. In order to insert the EVGA Supernova 750 G2 power supply unit, I had to remove the horizontal HDD cage which is located above, by default. After positioning the PSU, I am unable to re-insert that HDD cage in the original place. Is this normal? I can't find any other place in the case where I could attach that cage, even if there is lot of space available. Am I missing some attachment point? Can I still use that cage somehow? Thanks, Maurizio.
  9. Recently, I purchased the parts to build me new rig and so far everything was going fine when I learnt that I can't connect the iRGB PSU to the Aura Sync Controller due to a cable difference. The USB cable provided with the PSU does connect to the MB but there is only one connection and it has already been taken by the Sync Controller which is also connected to the AIO Floe Riing and the Case Fans. So that said, how should I tackle this? Should I just leave the PSU's USB disconnected, can it be connected to the Aura Sync Cable or will I need to purchase additional hardware to have both the PSU and Sync Controller connected to the MB? Currently looking at the TT H200 Internal USB Hub as a potential solution.
  10. Hello, world! My friend is making his first PC this February, but he wants to know something. What is the MAX PSU size supported by this case? He wants to use an SeaSonic M12II EVO 520W PSU , will it fit? Many thanks!
  11. Is the F31 PSU cover compatible with the V31? I believe the two are pretty much identical right?
  12. Salutations, I have just completed a computer build and I am having a few issues that I assume to be PSU issues. I got a Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W power supply. I got the TT DPS G PC app, and when I launch it, it says "NO Device Detected." I'm not sure why, but because of that, I cannot monitor my PSU or access the features. Is there any solution to this? Additionally, my computer will often restart out of the blue when doing things that it should have no issue doing, like playing a game or surfing the internet. I assume this to be a PSU issue as well. All of my drivers are up to date, and overheating is not an issue, because I consistently monitor temps. I have a GTX 1080 that has 3 fans on it and stays very cool. I also have an I7 6800k that is liquid cooled. I used the TT Pacific RL 360 liquid cooling kit, which brings me to my next issue. The RGB Riing fans are not recognized by the "Riing RGB Radiator Fan" application. It does not show a warning, it displays the temperature but does not let me change the color or any other aspects. It is version 1.0.2, please help. I have the fans plugged into the included fan controller which is plugged directly into the "Pump Fan" header on my MSI x99a gaming pro. I have tried all of the headers including "CPU fan" and "System fan." The fans spin fine no matter what I plug it into, but the program never works. Please help me with my issues. Thank you for your help, Jujuberr
  13. Hello everyone, I am having a hard time launching the DPS App on my Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit. Everytime I launch the programm it tells me to install Adobe's Flash Player. However Flash, Java and .NET is already installed on my machine. These versions are installed: Flash Version: Java Version: 8 Update 131 .Net Version: 14.0.23026 I already tried multiple time to reinstall the app, flash, java and .NET. I alos tried to install and launch the programm as an administrator with the same results. UAC was already deactivated. The psu is a Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 850W Gold. From the official Thermaltake support I haven't got any answer.. =( Someone knows how to fix this issue or what more I can do or test Thanks in advance for helping me out
  14. First of all These are my PC Specs : -Windows 10 -GTX970 Windforce X3 OC (Gigabyte) -AMD Fx8350 with CoolerMaster Hyper Evo 212 -8gb DDR3 1600mhz Cl11 -WD Blue 500gb 16mb cache 7200 rpm HDD -SSD kingston 60gb -Mobo GIGABYTE GA-970-Gaming -ThermalTake Smart SE 630w 1 year and a half old PC (except for the cpu Cooler which is 1) Original Problem : The PC restarts (the MOBO lights stay on, it seems like the PSU is 'farting') after like 1 minute in Furmark and after 10 minutes or less of gaming (Overwatch all low settings, Warframe, Endless Legend). Event viewer gives kernel power event ID 41 error . I have tried with a different PSU but to no avail. Both the Thermaltake PSU and the GPU have been in warranty. CPU stress tests run for up to 3 hours (at which point i stopped out of boredom). Browsing the web can go on for hours, I haven't got any restarts while doing this. No errors whatsoever just black screen and it starts all over. I scanned with Microsoft anti-malware, Malwarebyte Premium,no viruses. Did a fresh install of win10 but to no avail. Haven't really tested the SSD and HDD. Temps are OK! TL;DR Title + Warranty says OK PSU and GPU, RAM tests OK, GPU stress OK, MOBO OK Solution : Since my I got told my PSU sucks, i tried underclocking the GPU. Seems to be working now(but I've got some really bad fps drops in games) Right now : I have successfully determined that the PSU is the culprit. The warranty won't take it thought, and I can't afford a new one (don't think i'll be going for thermaltake anymore, i paid premium for this one). I've been using my PC for like 2 months now with maximum underclock on my GPU but it started restarting even with these settings. I've searched the internet to no avail. What can I do?
  15. Hey all, Sorry if it has been mentioned somewhere else but I am just wondering if anyone knows if there are plans to upgrade the Riing fans in the PSU's to the Riing Plus fans? Just seems to make sense that they would. - Clawz
  16. Hi Everyone: Welcome to the Toughpower SFX Owners Club. You have made the right decision...and we thank you for that. Toughpower series is one of our best series so far and this SFX PSU contain all the best features and most affordable price possible. Welcome to share your builts and ask questions here, we are looking forward to see all amazing works around the world.
  17. Hi could someone possibly tell me what PSU this is? Photo (also attached): I found the photo on google images searching for 'core p5' and the image supposedly was on newegg.com's front page. I like the grey fan cover/grill on it, it would work well on my planned build. Thanks!
  18. Having purchased a new graphics card for a Lenovo Thinkcentre I realised that I needed a PCI-E power supply. So I bought a Thermaltake TR2 Gold 500W. I now discover that the Lenovo motherboard accepts a 14 pin ATX connection. Can I use the 14 leftmost pins? they do fit.
  19. Hi I'm going to buy either a TR2-600 or a SP-550P but I can't find the difference (not the obvious power and amperage but the scope of the serie). TT home page is awful in that aspect as there is no a single line saying TR2 series is intended for this and that, Smart is for this. So, What are the differences? Regards, FSO
  20. Question: My DPSapp software for Toughpower DPS / DPS G is not working when i click it, what should i do? Answer: Please try the steps below Step 1. Try to run as administrator Step 2. Press yes when the prompt pops up Step 3. Locate the control panel Step 4. Go to user accounts and family safety Step 5. Change user account control settings Step 6. Pull the left slider down to never modify Step 7. Click on OK
  21. I just picked up the Core v21 and was wondering if anybody has a suggestion on what power supply will be the best. Radeon R9 270X Crucial Ballistix Elite 8gb 1TB WD 7200RPM Sata 3​ Gigabyte GA-F2A8XM-D3H AMD 8320 Black Edition 3.5GHz
  22. Hi there! Does anyone know if these cables, the individually Sleeved 6+2Pin PCI-E Cable & SATA Cable, are compatible with more than just the PSUs they mention in the list. I have a Thermaltake Thoughpower Grand 80 Gold 1200 W Semi-modular (last model), Haswell compliant and I want to move away from the ugly cables that come with it. Please if anyone knows share it with me. Thanks!
  23. Hi everyone, With the release of our latest Toughpower Grand Platinum PSU models at CES 2015, see a first look into what is included with our New Platinum 850W, 1050W and 1200W models! Learn More: http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/psu.aspx
  24. When installing PSU's, do you face your PSU's up or down? any reason why?
  25. Hello guys, There are a few Windows settings that blocks out the DPSapp automatically, in order to allow the DPSapp to work properly please try the fix below. http://community.thermaltake.com/index.php?/topic/663-my-dpsapp-software-for-dps-g-is-not-working-what-should-i-do/
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