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Tt Andy

Show us your chassis!

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Better join in since I just finished most the little things finally in my build.

This is my Thermaltake P5 Aorus build

Specs : Hardware -

i7-8700k - OC to 4.8

Aorus ATC700 cpu cooler

Aorus Ultra gaming 2.0 motherboard

Nvidia RTX 2080

32g 3200mhz G.skill Trident ram

Thermaltake 850w Gold power supply

Samsung 256 960 evo (OS drive)

Intel optane 32g matched to 8TB Seagate archive drive

128 Toshiba SSD

1TB Blue and 250g Green western digital M.2 SSD fitted to NGFF boards

Custom lighting - Over 350 LED's, Lian li Strimer 24 and 8 pin, optic fiber lighting (lighting around motherboard and NFCC boards), custom infinity mirror power cable cover, and Thermaltake 3D printer fan bracket for rear top fan, Goverlay info screen, built bottom cover, Aorus SSD cover and Custom SSD cover made by JMMods (if you need custom backplates, covers and other things google the name and check out his website and youtube, inspired me to build my cable cover, does good work). 

sorry if the photos are not that great :) Thanks for having a look.WP_20181031_18_36_51_Pro.thumb.jpg.b8c237feb33c2e58c36a74aa64d5f5fa.jpgWP_20181103_18_55_14_Pro.thumb.jpg.f10bb5025786ad4b1584229b086191dc.jpg





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Hi Everyone,

           Here is my core P5 Build: All I use is a 90 mandrel, heat gun, clamp PVC cutter, ID/OD reamer and my eye. I am an electrician by trade :) Future plans: I just got a vinyl cutter and will be making a nuclear bio-hazard theme. 


Core P5 Case (Green)

Tempered Glass Upgrade Kit

i7-8700K overclocked to 5 Ghz. V-core set to 1.32v

Aorus Z390 Master

Aorus 1080ti waterforce extreme (removed half of the metal overlay fir better visual of UV coolant. 

Trident Z Ram 32GB

Changed power supply from Corsair in last pic to EVGA G3 Gold 1000w

Thermaltake PR22 D5 Pump/Resi combo.

EKWB CPU Block (Supreme EVO)

EKWB Coolstream Radiator 480mm

EKWB Fittings (compression)

EKWB 1000mm tube

Mayhem UV green coolant 

NZXT Hue+ (1 controller) & 8 fans (I had these kicking around and used them instead of fans that can be sync'd with RGB fusion)

Darkside UV leds + extension. (7 total strips)

7 Port sata power header for UV lights to plug in to

Corsair M.2 x2 


Thank you for looking!








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