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     I am new to this forum but far from new to PC building and Mods. I don't say this to give away my age, though I know it will...I remember when moding consisted of pulling apart the old beige cream colored cases, which powered those lovely green CRT monitors, maybe adding a fan or spray painting bits and pieces.

     Today, that old way of doing things is out the window. No longer is a bit of spray paint or a case fan (or dare I say...an upgrade to a 56k modem.) Gone are those simplicities and though I miss them some days, I absolutely love the attention to detail that goes into new builds.

     Coming out of the garage of todays builders, are the Ferrari of computers. Beasts that conquer the bench tests and frag any off the self pc no matter what brand is printed on the box. It is these type of builds that have kept me intrigued over all these years. I can not count the number of PC's under my belt anymore but I do recall the feelings I had the very first time I tore a system down and by some miracle, managed to get it back together. It is the same feeling I still get when I open up a new motherboard or graphics card and smell that unique fragrance that only new electronic components can claim.

     I took a short break, (2 years) which in this 'game' can be an eternity. I still followed many other builders online, in awe, of most of the things these people where doing to their rigs. I have since put a lot of thought into my next build. The problem I kept running into was, "What case am I going to use?" I have, in the past had this same problem as I am sure many builders have found themselves in. Typically I would pick a case make some heavy changes such as rotating the motherboard tray 180 degrees. For this new build however, I wanted to start with a case I loved, unlike those in the past I only liked.

     I found the perfect one (actually two in a stacked configuration) in the Core X9. This is the first build I have ever followed in a video documentary as well. I know a million videos are out there of unboxing, building, finished products, but I wanted to do things a bit differently and not only show all those things but cover the 'whys' for my components, explore alternatives for those wanting to spend less money, and generally offer some advice that has come with the wisdom only the experience of time can find. 

     I am here to see what others are doing to their Core X9 boxes too. Most of the info out there consist of  CES Thermaltake images or videos. (Which are excellent) I just feel like this is such a versatile chassis that I would love to see all the combinations others can come up with.


Good luck with all your builds...



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Welcome to the Tt Community and thank you for your interest in our Core X9.


I have to say your timing is epic haha, as Thermaltake is just about to start (May 1st) our 2015 Thermaltake CaseMod Invitation where 7 modders are taking the challenge on the Core X9.


More Details: http://casemod2015.thermaltake.com


I wish you the best with your next build and we all cannot wait to see what these guys come up with!

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That's a great story and it makes us proud that you found your perfect modding case in the Core X9. I am actually wondering why nobody took it onto himself to make a Star Trek Borg Cube mod yet. It was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the first photos.

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How does one get to enter this Mod Competition? I see entrance profiles on the page and a lot of other information but I think my cases are coming along...well badass. I started with the idea that a few scientists have made it through an apocalyptic event that has laid ruin to most everything that was once so cherished. Communication has become all but impossible and in the attempt to restructure some semblance of said communication a few of these scientists have begun working on a new network. This all began as the previews of the newest Mad Max movie began to appear. As a huge fan of this series I wanted to pay a tribute to the show by building an EPIC PC on the Core X9 platform. I would love information on how to get into these build competitions like I used to. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Much love peps

Arial Moss

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Ohh its not a "sleeper" for water cooling. This thing is in your face screaming for a little liquid!! I have been in love with this case from the second I saw the pics from CES. I drove a 6 hour round trip to pic up a couple of these beast from Dallas. Austin, ironically (for being considered the new Silicon Valley) had none of these chassis available.  Then again Fry's and Altex are the only locations for PC builders. Fry's being the biggest would have been a likely answer but alas nothing. They have moved entirely away from liquid cooling componets, save for sealed all in one systems for CPUs. Makes me sad, they used to be the go to place here. Times they are a changing. With Frozen PC gone I had issues finding parts...

I am not trying to advertise here at all, but Performance PC has been fantastic. With them and Thermaltake I have been on a role with not only the Core X9 but a few other projects as well.

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Hello there, I am getting ready to do a build out of a TT Core X9 and I was thinking about liquid cooling. I know all about closed loop options, but am much less familiar with a custom loop. So, here is my question:


Q. Would it be better for me to used closed loop options only like the GTX Titan X Hybrid as well as the closed loop cooler i have specified for the CPU I will be using, or should I look into getting a full custom loop liquid cooler? I know that a custom loop takes quite a bit more maintenance, and I like more of the hands free approach, after the build is complete of course, but which method should I use? Thanks for any help that you can provide and see below for current build specs. 





x1 TT Core X9 case.

x1 Intel i7-5960X 8 core 3.0Ghz Processor.

x1 Asus X99 Delux MB with U3.1.

x1 AX series 1200i 1200 watt PSU from Corsair.

x1 Corsair sleeved cable kit RED for modular PSU. 

x1 Set of 32GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 Quad Channel 3000Mhz memory. 

x1 Samsung 850 Pro 1TB SSD.

x1 Samsung 850 Pro 256GB SSD.

x1 GTX Titan X Superclocked GPU.
x1 Corsair H100i GTX 280mm closed loop High Peformance CPU liquid cooler.

Lots of 120mm Corsair High Performance Edition case fans. 
All case fans will have a fine mesh fan filter over each fan. 

A few more 140mm case fans and possibly one or two 200mm's, all filtered. 


The desktop will include an Asus AC wireless card. 

The desktop will include an external Asus blu-ray reader/writer. 


I am thinking of adding a liquid cooling loop that cools the GPU, CPU, and chipset, among other things, but may need additional help as I have not installed a custom loop LCS before. 

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Pity I won't be able to take real advantage of the sheer size of this case in my build (Had I not won it in a giveaway I'd be content with a v31) which will have an i5-4690k and a single R9 380, once I'm done with it it'll only take up about half of the space if that.

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