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[United Kingdom] Rob De Luce

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Welcome to my build log and thank you Tt for inviting me to take part in something a bit different from the normal PC builds.

My theme is based of one of my favourite games of all time! from the 100s of game and movie pieces I collected over the years it was Metal Gear Solid figures that started it all off.

My Ram MOD build is called "SOLID MOD" I think the name is a nice  blend of the game title and the TOUGH ram brand.



1st - 20/04/2021

Good luck to all my fellow modders, lets get dirty and have some fun :)

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On 4/7/2021 at 10:23 AM, Nikola Miletić said:

I definitely looks SOLID, but i hope there are no SNAKES in the grass 😄 Anyway, sounds very promising, can't wait for the final result :)

lol, good one mate, thanks for taking time to comment :)

On 4/5/2021 at 12:18 PM, Alan-Lee said:

well if thats yr back garden then i am officially jealous. my back yrad is berlin west end. 🙂 a little different, even though its quite green for a big city. 

what a difference 😞

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-05 at 13.17.49.jpeg

Yeah I'm lucky to live in the countryside, planning to stay here forever lol
your back garden looks cool, sure have more people to chill with than me :)
Good luck with your project mate.

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The RAM looks great to start with, but Tt want it modded! so lets start.

I want to keep the original shape but also add lighting without adding bulk or chopping up the RAM, so EL is perfect for the job.
This will be the base of the mod so the memory underneath will stay intact and undamaged.
Some paintwork planned for this later.



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On 4/9/2021 at 6:48 PM, Rob "Deblow" Deluce said:

The RAM looks great to start with, but Tt want it modded! so lets start.

I want to keep the original shape but also add lighting without adding bulk or chopping up the RAM, so EL is perfect for the job.
This will be the base of the mod so the memory underneath will stay intact and undamaged.
Some paintwork planned for this later.



On 4/9/2021 at 6:48 PM, Rob "Deblow" Deluce said:

The RAM looks great to start with, but Tt want it modded! so lets start.

I want to keep the original shape but also add lighting without adding bulk or chopping up the RAM, so EL is perfect for the job.
This will be the base of the mod so the memory underneath will stay intact and undamaged.
Some paintwork planned for this later.



NICE!! 😎👌

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The main part of my mod is the sword "Armor Breaker" from the game, this is my favorite sword because as the name suggests its great for breaking armor 
and because its so "TOUGH" its perfect for some Tt Tough RAM :) 
The RAM will be fitted at the start of the blade as part of the cutting edge, it will be fastened in place but be removable so it can still be used in a normal PC.

This was a hard one to design as the photos online are not so great and don't show it from all angels so I had to reinstall the game and try capture my own shots of the weapon at all angels.





I also did a quick RAM 3d model to help with my design planning


This is most of the parts that will make up the sword, due to the limited print bed size it had to be carefully planed so the small parts when joined together would still remain strong, I originally was going to also use wood to strengthen the sword but decided to just spend longer printing and making it thicker than normal.
In total around 2kg of plastic will be needed and a small amount of resin.








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Some more renders of the final 3D model, not 100% how I want some parts but i will alter the parts as I start to prep it before painting and sanding.
Mostly some angels that I struggled to get correct when making the 3d model.








The blade will be sharp but this also means its going to be thin on the edge, so it will be strengthened with resin and epoxy glue.

The bolts/nuts and some other parts will be resin printed to help keep the detail.

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Once I had my design almost done I started printing some on paper to get the scale right, I also carved one from wood to get a feel for the size and shape even better, plus it made the kids happy :)

I did 3 sizes in total, the 1st was way too small and the second was too big, the final size is the one my daughter is holding.

Once this competition is over I plan to keep the sword and plan some other items to go with it on display in my collection/gaming room, so the design is as close to the sword in the game as I could get it with a couple of added extras, the memory will be added later in the build.


I've printed most of the parts now and started to join them, maybe 90hrs printing in total so far.



As with most 3D printed things, this is going to need a lot of sanding and filling to remove all signs it was printed, the is almost always the hardest part to get perfect.

one half of the sword printed minus the bolts and I also plan to replace the text that was printed with some more detailed versions if it goes to plan.



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Print lines and imperfections, the worst part of 3D printing for myself.
I must have spent 3 days sanding down and filling gapes, but for the sword to look as real as possible I really don't want any sighs left to show it was printed.




I've also rounded of the edges I couldn't get right when making the 3D file prior to printing, I made sure to make the skin of the 3D print extra thick so I had plenty of structure to sand without making holes.



before glueing the parts together I added the wiring and battery pack for the lighting.







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Blades been "toughened" with some resin and sanded down with the rest of the sword for painting.
I will be using 2K paints for most of the black parts starting with a black base coat.

Once thats all sanded down i repeat as many times as needed, in this case 3 times then a final sand before the main black is added.











The Handel needed from shaping to make it comfortable to hold with one or two hands.





the blade is almost perfect now, just a bit more sanding 




hear you can see the battery holder for the sword along with the power button.



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Even after much work, once the main paint is down it shows all the imperfections, so its sanded down again and fixed before repeating the final black coat.







Starting to look better, just some orange peal to deal with now 😕

The text I originally made as part of the sword, but after some testing im going with some new text ive been working on, this text will be sanded off prior to adding the new ones.








the black is done, so too is the nice chrome silver for the blade and some other parts.




The joints took ages to get rid of, with every coat of paint they started to apear again, the paint must have a reaction with the filler and plastic.
So this part must have been repainted more than 6 times.


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Below is the text and the nuts I've designed for 3d printing, lots of sizes and thickness.
I did 2 versions of the text, one was deeper than the other, after using the deepest one originally I then change my mind and replaced them with thinner ones.




Curing them under UV then some natural sunlight. 




t1.jpg.40eca4e6e7541f3e4f490e3aa1a4000b.jpgThe text was done in black followed by white, the nuts was also done in black but followed with gold on most of them. 





I lost many of them due to the small size 






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Now for the main part, the RAM itself.

Thanks to elwirecraft.co.uk/ & elpanelandtape.co.uk/ , I have some great EL tape and wire for the custom mod, some are the colour I need and others can be covered to make any colour I want.
The EL wire is already the perfect colour I need, coupled with the battery packs it will be powered from within the sword so it can be displayed and used freely without wires getting in the way.




Love EL tape, can be cut to almost any shape as long as the power lead is still attached.
Along with other projects, I last used this on my Avengers JARVIS mod last year.







This is not in place yet, but gives you an idea of the look im going for, it will be part of the ARMOR breaking swords main blade in the centre, helping keep the focus on the main attraction :)



With the RAM I'm taking care to make sure its within the thickness needed so it can be used if needed later.




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For this years season 1 Tt RAM MOD i based my designs on the METAL GEAR game, GREY FOX the cyborg ninja! This is the original game i first got to see him in action (metal gear solid), in later games his look changes and his mental state, he's a great character with some great swords, the main sword im reproducing is the ARMOR BREAKER from METAL GEAR rising revengeance and will be the focus of the next video.

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Battery cover for the sword


We have 4 sticks of Tough RAM, so I wanted to done one main one for the sword but also put some effort in to modding the other 4, a difficult task when we need to MOD them

but also keep the original parts of the RAM intact, so I spent a lot of time working on designs and seeing what worked best.
This is some of the bits I worked on, not all made it to the final stage though.





This is the smaller 3 stands I've made for the remaining RAM, as the main focus was to be the RAM i went with the smallest stand I could do without it falling over.




text was a bit dodgy so needed some fixing.


After the sanding and primer it was time for the gloss black followed by gold chrome then adding the same gold bolts as I used on the sword.






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