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Thermaltake Core V51 mid-tower chassis, a new member of the Core Series, which now comes after the launch of Core V71 and Core V1, retaining the curved metal mesh look and delivering an outstanding cooling performance with the compatibility for the extensive DIY/AIO LCS, and the air cooling units that the series has become so very well known for. Core V51 is an enthusiast’s grade mid-tower that creates unprecedented space for high-end hardware and liquid cooling expansion, supporting the latest E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX motherboards, and all high-end GPU cards.


For more details please visit:




[Hard]OCP Editor's Choice "Enthusiast" Gold Award




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1) Is it possible to change the power LED to red...?

2) If I install a Water 3.0 Extreme to the top, will there be enough space for a third 120mm fan?

3) How many fans does the case come with?

1) The LED are not included so you may choose any colour you like.

2) Yes, you have up to 420mm of room for fan and radiator configurations in the top. 

3) The Core V51 comes with 3x fans as standard, 2x 120mm front intake and 1x rear 120mm exhaust


(Please note I don't work for Thermaltake, just have one of the cases and like to help out) 

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I am a happy core v51 owner, but i have one minor complaint, it sometimes vibrates too much and is noisy at the same time.
I'm running these components:

Antec HCG620
ASRock Fatal1ty h87 Performance

Intel i5 4440

4GB Balistix Sport

Atm only a mechanical Hitachi drive, 850 Evo will be coming in soon as well as 8 gigs of G.Skill Ripjaws.

Might post some pics of the build on the forum.


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I have a core v51 and was wondering if anyone has problems with excessive heat between second gpu and psu.I have put in to another case psu and second gpu temps are great but in core v51 temps on back of case are very warm enough to want hold hand there for too long

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I just purchased a Core V51 a couple of days ago from Newegg. Case is awesome!

Hopefully I'll have time to move my current components over to this new case this weekend.

No damage anywhere, not even the shipping box.

As long as the front control panel works I'll be a happy camper.


 I have a question, how do you mount an SSD or HDD on the right side of the case? There is no cage there.

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