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I am Daniel, I am 29 years old, I come from Italy and I am known with the nickname Twister, and that's how everybody calls me.
Modding is just a very deep passion for me even if I started it casually, but this passion is growing for the people who surrond me.
I have won many modding competitions during bit-tech including numerous mentions in Pc Domination, Cooled PC and others in Italy, in the following monthly and annual editions. I made many works like Refl3ctoR, among them one of my most famous Mod is the "Twister mod 8.0.0.D and the last created is Frozen Grey.
My most important aspiration for my passion is to be really different and unique in the modding panorama, trying to shape works with "clean techniques" which require costantly new resarches to sharpen my skills.
The Name of  my mod is RED IMPACT
My Build
Intel Core i7-6700K
Asus Maximus VIII Formula
Avexir Impact  16GB
SLi Asus Geforce GTX980 Strix 
Samsung 950 Pro 256GB M.2
Thermaltake Core P5 
And Full Liquid Cooling Thermaltake!
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"Modding is just a very deep passion for me even if I started it casually, but this passion is growing for the people who surrond me." This quote tho <3 ... You made me add a new passion to my list! B. E. A. U. T. Y. is the name of this build LOL ... Good luck man and continue what you love!

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That radiator is a monster! looking forward to the next update! please!!!! more pics!!! :D


Daniel faccio il tifo per te! Finalmente un modder Italiano qui.


Daniel I root for you!


Oh Great work! awesome!


nice work!

Thanks to everyone


Please show more pics! please  :(  :(  :o


incoming :D



I have some upgrades to show :D
new support for the power supply
I constructed the texture maya on the new fan tray
testing...... :waah:
attempt to connect the radiator: D
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