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For those of you who are enjoying the mod, thanks for the support!!   For those who are commenting for the raffle, thanks for the support, I wish you luck!   :D


This is the unsanded clump of resin from a test board I was working on.  It was primarily to get the mix of resin, hardener, and aluminum powder right.
Here's another test spot with the resin (very roughly) sanded off.  A couple small voids, but overall the resin filled in good!
Now time to do the bigger pours....
This is the resin I used.  It's really my first interaction w/ resin and powder, and I had only really done a resin pour once before.  Getting the right ratio of resin : hardener : powder took a few attempts.
And the cable work continues.... it's starting to shape up though.
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Clear resin was successful.  I used blue painters tape on the top side of the lid, this allowed me to pour the resin from the underside and have it sit flush on the top edge.  It also adds a neat crackle/antique glass looking effect to the resin, which should pop really nicely once lit.






Cable sleeving for the power supply cables is about 90% done.  I have a few splices to make now, which will actually sit between the 2x brackets and under the center support. 









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Quiet night, but the PSU cables are cut, crimped, sleeved, and threaded.  They just need their cable combs added and stuffed into the center support.


Side note... center support pocket did not account for the additional volume of the sleeves.... have to make it a smidge bigger :D





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A first pass at removing the excess resin via a nice end-mill on the cnc.  The CNC basically helped keep things level and smooth, without tearing tons of resin off/out of the grooves.




Folowed that up with some planing, sanding, and general cleanup.






I can't wait to see this with the wood stained dark!!!


I ended up having to add another layer to the center support.  Sadly, the original was just too narrow to allow all those sleeved cables to run inside.  Despite extra pocketing, bending, pushing pulling..... it just wasn't happening.


The extra layer was added and hides the black acrylic where the cables exit, as well as adds a ton more support.  A little cleanup to be done on it, and then it can be stained.

I also got the remainder of the cable combs cut out, so now it's a matter of adding them to the sleeving and getting it to sit where I want it.  Coming together!!!







While I was waiting for some passes on the CNC, I took a few minutes and etched on the reservoir.  Some elements from the game that I always thought looked really cool.









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Things are coming together!

Cable combs were all installed last night, and they did wonders for the cable runs.












I also took a moment to tear open that awesome TT power supply and swap the LEDs in the fan for the same ones I used elsewhere in the build.





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Ok... I've had an airbrush for a couple months now and haven't REALLY gotten into using it yet, so I figured this was a good project to break it in with.


I'm going to mount this on the back of the case w/ some carefully placed lighting to emulate a 'stained glass window' look on the back of the case. 


The actual window panes will be cut out of the back panel, and the acrylic mounted behind it.


Still have more to peel and paint, but all told, for my first major airbrush project, I'm pretty pleased.  I need to get in there and refine the black lines though, they peeled when I was peeling the pieces to be painted.





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In crazy get this done mode, so only a real quick update while I take a short break in the work.


Cut the back panel for the window design:




The painting isn't done yet, but a rough idea of how it looks:




I also took off a little black on the PSU to make it fit with the black/silver I have elsewhere.





And back to work.  Tons of wiring to do yet!!

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