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To steal a phrase from Mike Petereyns...  #modmarathon


Last day to work, and boy do I have some pictures coming after today.


For now... enjoy the wood.










It's the little things.... the white on the stock SATA cables clashed horribly....




























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First off.... A HUGE thank you to the sponsors.


ThermalTake, for their generosity with the case, PSU, watercooling gear, and putting this whole thing together.

Newegg, for the components that will get MANY hours of gaming use.

Avexir, for some of the sickest looking RAM I've seen.

ASUS, Intel, Samsung - Amazing hardware.  Quality components, I couldn't ask for more.



Specs on this bad boy!

Case:  ThermalTake Core P5

Power Supply:  ThermalTake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Titanium

GPUs:  2x Asus 980 Strix SLI

CPU:  Intel Core i7-6700K


RAM:  4x4G Avexir RED Tesla DDR4

Drive 1: Samsung 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB SSD

Drive 2: Samsung 950 PRO M.2 256GB 

Cooling:  ThermalTake Pacific series Radiator, Pump, CPU Block, GPU Blocks, Fittings, Tubing, Etc



Other Purchased Parts:

Sleeving:  MDPC Sleeving from CaseLabs

LEDs:  NeoPixels and DotStars from Adafruit

Acrylic: Tap Plastics



The Build:


It's been a long journey and a crazy couple of weeks getting it done... but it's done!!!









The wood is a wonderful cedar from the forest near the shop. It was treated with an iron acetate solution to antique it and make it the dark greyish-brown it ended up.




The center column has an aluminum emblem embedded in it.  It's the banner my character has used in Diablo3 since it launched a number of years ago.










The fan grills were my first attempt at milling aluminum on the CNC machine we custom built in the shop a number of years ago.  It went amazingly well, and I can't wait to do more!






The GPUs got a lot of treatment.  The blocks were made black, the black metal cover made silver, an acrylic plate fitted over, and aluminum trim on that.  Top it off with LED illumination and laser etching... and they really make the case pop.






The PSU cables all were custom made (cut the wire, crimped new ends, put the sleeving on, put new ends on...), and the cable combs were custom made from aluminum on the CNC as well.




The PSU itself got the LED treatment in the fans, as well as the silver/black treatment that you'll find elsewhere in the case.




The CPU block got an alumnum  treatment (can you tell I really liked the silver aluminum and black contrasts?), as well as custom LEDs inside.






That RAM has an amazing crackle look that really accents the case and colors






The Fans.  The RGB Riing fans are amazing, but I wanted a LITTLE more control over them individually than I was afforded with the stock controller, so I ripped them apart and replaced all the LED bulbs w/ the Neopixels.  


Combined with the LED strips and bulbs elsewhere in the case... I can go from the red Diablo theme to.... PARTY MODE!!!!!




The tubing... oh the tubing.   The 90 degree fittings all have LEDs embedded into them.  This makes the tubing and fluid glow whatever color I want!!!




The Pump and Reservoir got a light laser etching, as well as LEDs in the lid.  I really like this pump/res, the black metal looked great in this build.




The front panel got custom etching as well.  This guy was from one of the Demon Hunter cut scenes, and I really liked the way he fit down there withough being obnoxious.


Lastly... the back panel.

The piece de resistance. 


This was actually the first piece of art that inspired the rest of the case.  I saw a picture of the stain glass in the cutscene from Diablo3 and decided I HAD to try it!  

It is a piece of acrylic laser etched with the design, and then airbrushed to have the effect of the stained glass.  Because the paint from the airbrush is transparent, the light shines through and looks... AMAZING.

The window frame was cut from the back panel using the CNC (my first steel cut on it!), and couldn't have gone any better.
















Lastly, but most importantly, I'd like to throw out a HUGE thank you to my family and friends.   To my wife, thanks for giving me up for a couple months and being my rock.

To my many friends and family, huge thanks for just being supportive and not making me feel like I'm (too) crazy.  Thanks to Shannon for believing in me enough to give me this shot.  


I know this is just another mod for some of these guys, but this is only really my second big, public, not just for me build, and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity and equipment.


Finally, I'd like to thank my father for his example, companionship, assistance, and sanity checks.  I couldn't imagine a better shop-mate, and look forward to many more projects and adventures with him!  



If anyone has any questions, wants to see pictures of a specific component, or anything like that, please post up!  I'll keep an eye on these threads and see if we can't inspire some other people to take the plunge and go crazy with their builds.

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Oh I sooo love the Stain glass side!!!     That might be my fav part of this (although don't get me wrong the rest looks amazing!)  I showed my son the video of the lights and he declared, "WOAH, you can go to Party mode on the lights!!!"


I am sooo amazed by the creativeness and talent you have!!!    Amazing Job!!

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