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[USA] Marc Molella

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So after some hype on social media, I decided to release my initial idea for this project. I am calling it "the Arcade" !!!


First I cut some wood, and will have a video on youtube showing that process that I will share here soon.


Next step was to begin dry fit assembly so I can take some more measurements. 


First we create the base, that has 4 casters, two are locking to hold the unit in place. This is very sturdy, each caster can hold 250lbs. I even tested the unit by standing on it like a skateboard.




So I started with my wood dowel bit and dowels that will eventually hold everything together.








Then we have our holes to insert the dowels.




and more dowels



I want the overall look to be clean, but sturdy, so the dowels and a few screws will accomplish this.



Holes line up.



and voila, we have the base cabinet. 



Next I used this countersink bit to hide the screw heads




Then I freehand drew the top cutout. After I was happy with the shape I took careful measurements, and made the lines straight. Then I cut one side, and laid it upside down to trace to cut the other side so they were exact.




I have the top piece resting for now, just held on by clamps so I could take some more measurements and a few photos!








That is all for now, will have more soon!











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Interesting to see how the case will be included here.

Looks like it will be only a 1 Player acrade? Or did you already thought about a button layout. 3, 6 or 8 Buttons?


Stay tuned for case integration.

It will be two player arcade. Stay tuned for controller layout :)


Nice, keep up the good work, my vote is with you! 




it is Arcade?




Looking good... your garage looks like mine does. Haha - project central. ;)


Yeah definitely lol Thanks!

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Some more updates for you guys!


First I have created the top portion of the cabinet, had to match the angles appropriately. 




I used my clamps to hold everything together while I drilled holes for screws and countersunk them into the cabinet to hide everything.




Next I marked and drilled holes for the speakers to show through.



Here you can see some of the edges of the wood rounded, and also the speakers, and tower 900. 




Here we see the mini NES Classic that will be integrated.




And finally we have the monitor mounted inside the cabinet. 




Will have more updates soon!

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12 hours ago, rudedog said:

I chose you, Marc M. FTW!

In either case it will make a darn good eye catcher in someones living room when guests arrive for a visit!


My last build utilized a Core V71. Next build will be a mod.

Thanks!! Yeah who doesn't want an arcade machine in their house??? :) In my case this may end up in my garage! 

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So in trying something new, I come up with this:


Couple different colors of paint, painted on wood, and the result was exactly what I was looking for.

So I prep the tower 900 cabinet:


This is the paint I am using, covered great:


All taped up so I don't get paint where it isn't wanted:


The result is a nice sky blue side wall:


Before I reveal what I am doing here, anyone have any guesses? :D

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So after chopping the bottom few inches of the Tower 900 off we come up with this.

Serves two purposes, slightly shortens the unit, and allows me to use the cabinet lower structure as part of the actual case itself.




Still not finished with the inside of the cabinet a few more things yet to reveal.

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So last I left you I had just cut the acrylic floor for the Tower 900.

Lets take a look at the hardware that has been sponsored!





Now we can see why I wanted an acrylic floor!


Here we see the cabinet has been stained and urethane applied.


And my work on the Tower 900 has begun (other than me already making it two inches or so shorter..


More coming very soon!

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