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New version of DPS G PC App released

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we have been keeping improving the PC client for our digital power supply series.

Some of the bugs have been fixed in the latest version of DPS G PC App.

here is the release note:



Please feel free to inform us if you find any bugs.

To download the PC App, please click here

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What I am really aiming to do is set up something that can interface with multiple power supplies on a single PC.  

With the current software I am having trouble with the existing software wattage readout on my 1500w supply : https://prnt.sc/gnalmj

It also won't let me enter decimal points in the cost per kwh, rendering that feature useless.

I don't think it's fair that these power supplies have such rich hardware, but no software to adequately interface with it.  Seems like a waste.



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DPS APP ver 3.0.0 global

1. No "LED Off" function works on my TPG-1500D-T , when "led off" feature activated after some time led switch back on automatically.

2. Wrong electricity cost calculation when electricity cost was changed (no save new values, OK button inactive).

3. No upload to cloud service any data.

Win 10 x64



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