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[Round 2] Top 12 Level 20 GT Designs

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Here's my video entry for stage 2 of the Thermaltake Talent Competition! 

I want to thank Thermaltake for selecting me among so many talented people. I appreciate the opportunity!



The theme for my Level 20 GT case mod is Space Odyssey! It'll be the "Choose Your Own Adventure" of Modding. I'll give each one of you the choice in not only the direction that the case mod will take but, you'll also get to pick between different mod ideas during each stage of the project. 

Make sure to get out there and Vote!

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2019 Thermaltake Casemod Tt Talent

Level 20 GT-Apex project (Gibraltar)

Thank you Thermaltake for the opportunity to participate in this competition. Did my best.
I would very much like to be the next Tt talent and have the opportunity to participate in Computex.
And put this project in practice and make many improvements.

Thank you to everyone who will like the project.


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Hi everyone, my name is Richard AKA Aml custom pc,

I want to start off by saying a big thank you to thermaltake for being chosen for the next stage of the thermaltake talent 2019.


I hope you like my ideas, and I just want to say good luck to the other 11 modders and a big thank you again to Thermaltake.

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Hi everyone! I am Claricce of Techlin and here’s my video explaining my plan for modding the Thermaltake Level 20 GT.

I really want to thank everyone, especially Thermaltake for giving me this great opportunity. I also want to congratulate the other participant and good luck to everyone!

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This is my concept for the TT Talent 2019.


The lighting design on the front and top are rough due to time spent and would be more detailed and better looking should I get the chance to build my design.

I won't say much more as the video is a bit long, sorry :/

Would like to Thank Thermaltake for the opportunity they have provided us with and I wish everyone good luck and congratulations for making it to stage 2!


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