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Hello again.


So for the water cooling I have mounted the res on the back of the case, and running the tubing over the top.

 I made up a 6mm bracket to hold it all in place.  The bracket is just cut out with hand tools and hand acrylic bender.

Dose the job nicely I think. :)





No this is not a hair straightener. it's used for bending plastic's  


Thanks for stopping by.

More again soon. :)

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Hello, This will be the Theme I am going to be going with.  I will be using lots of different techniques in this build.  Tools used will be, AI, PS, Laser, Cnc,, Hand Sculpting. 3d printer. Airbrushin

Hello again.  Still progressing  :)   Because I have the fans pulling air in form the back of the case to make real use of the dust filter. I made some new stickers for the backs of the fans

Cheers Erik.   Watching your build as well it's looking awesome, I'm sure we are all fowling each others progress.   And all the best to all who are entered. We may not know each other. And we m

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Hello again.  have been working on the lighting to find the best shadows, and all the RGB and power. And also adding some amber stones to the rock face. still working on some 3d prints.... And that is so slowwwwww.  But all in all it is very close to being completed. :P


Added some amber. Sorry no bugs inside. I just could not do it. :( 




It's the Claw the Velociraptor Claw.



Some more Tomorrow. :)

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On 12/15/2019 at 2:09 PM, Erik Bmods said:

Congratz on an amazing mod bro! The detailing is second to none. Best of luck!

Cheers Erik. Best of luck as well.



Final Photos.  :)


























Once again a very big thank you to Thermaltake for the chance to participate in this event, And thank you to the sponsors for the support.


That's All I have to give this time around, I hope you all like the end result. 

It has been a lot of fun and challenging at the same time. 

I hope you all like what you see. And if you do... Let me know I would love to hear from you. :) 

And don't forget to VOTE for the Land Down Under, Or for Me. Or By some chance, You like my build even. :P 

Your Votes Makes up for 25% of the overall voting. So please show me some love.  


Thanks for stopping By, Till next time.  Thank you.





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Thanks FALCO. :) 




Just to clear up some things that have been asked in regards to high temps or overheating , The cover may look like it is touching all the parts in the case. 

but it can be removed in under 10mins.

The Rock face is not touching anything inside the case the 4 stand-offs and the water cooling fitting is all it needs to stay in place,

There is lots of space behind the Rock display + some fans to push the air around behind the cover. And one being the AMD CPU fan that come with the CPU. Not going to wast. :)  

You could say it's  AMD DINO COOLED :P  

Some times It's what you don't see that makes it all work. :) 










Thanks for stopping by.  :)


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