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[Final Voting]: 12/24/2019 ~ 1/7/2020

Final Voting  

2,782 members have voted

  1. 1. Vote for your favorite mod!

    • [South Korea] Taeyeon Kim
    • [Canada] Erik Bergwest
    • [USA] Ben Quintanilla
    • [Russia] Sergey Mnev
    • [Australia] Ken Byrnes
    • [Japan] Toru Sekiguchi
    • [Thailand] Juggapat Thonglue
    • [Sri Lanka] Sanjaya Bhanu
    • [Philippines] Jesse Tiongson
    • [Sweden] Tim Malmborg
    • [Italy] Yuri Gabrielli
    • [China] Sunny Sun

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Hello, I'm sunny sun from China. I'm very glad to participate in TT casemod 2019. Thank you for the hardware support of TT, AMD, ZOTAC,Asrock and Plextor. This time, our design inspiration comes from the robot ED-209 in the mechanical war police, but it's not fully relied on. We hope to give this MOD a new life through our own understanding of art, show the incomparable side of these hardware with our modification, and sincerely thank all supporters. If you like our works, please help vote. Thank you!

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On 12/23/2019 at 8:15 AM, Tt Andy said:

Good luck to all !!    Thailand mod best !

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