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hey guys, looks good so far. and you seem to be the only ones really digging into it.

i hope some of the other participants realize that they actually have to participate to participate.

nothing much going on in some of the other threads.


the dalek is coming along great, i will keep peeking in, good luck and make me proud...

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Good thing you didnt go for the police box idea stefan, kinda mainstream. Fresh concept on using a dalek as a case. Goodluck, will keep on checkin the progress on that cool mod :)

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Im actually new to modding and honestly, i dont have a good set up. So i'd just like to ask, since the components would be housed in wood, won't there be a problem with static?

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@mark310: haha I actually already built a TARDIS as a casemod. Wood can be a tricky matarial to work with but I am using 1mm and 1,2mm plywood so I dont worry about any stability issues. You just need to some kind of supportive structure.

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To achieve more stability, I glued small wooden beams on the side of the mid construction.




Then, I needed to make an inner construction were the top part can rest on.
I cut some plywood into shape and screwed it into place.





For an easier access while working on this part, and so save some weight, I cut away the unnecessary
material. I also added the holes for the watercooling.



Next, I figured out were to put the small water tanks for this section.


I built a mountingsystem for them and attached it to the bottom plate.



I marked the outline for the tubes and added a small wooden box. You will see later for what it will be used ;)



And here is a picture of the water cooling layout in this area.


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Thanks all.

Sleep and food are for the weak ;)

To see he inside of the mid section, I needed to cut the glasfibre body in three pieces.



To make them fit together after cutting, I wraped on side in masking tape and used bodyfiller to hide the Cutting line.
That way you will not see a bit gap when this section is closed.




Then, I primed the parts to check if some areas need more sanding or more filler.


While the primer dried, I took the time to paint the doors and the bottom of the base section black.
This will function as another layer of primer. I used dispersion paint because its cheaper than spray paint and
with some care the results are the same.




For some more details on the bottom edge, I drilled holes and installed some bolts.
Then the edges were painted in a silver tone.



And then back to the mid section. For the opening, I used the same mechanism as for the doors.




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Thank all for the amazing feedback. Will try to do my best for this mod :)

I am kind of a night person so I dont need that much sleep *lol*


As a next step, I started to work on the little highlight for the mid section.
What makes a Dalek a real Dalek. Sure a Dalek :)
I modeled a rought shape from newspaper and fixed it with masking tape.


Then I tried out the positioning on the inside.



A selfmade eye was also included.


To get everything into shape, I used a very simple and cheap technique. Paper maché.
I applied multiple layers to hide the structure of the newspaper. When it dried the entire
model will be very strong but also light weight.



In the mean time, I started the next section.
First, I cut a round piece of wood and made a template for the structure, that should hold the round wooden beams on the outside
and the acrylic glass pieces on the inside.


Because I did not have wood in the right thickness on hand, I glued two pieces together.



Than it was attached to the round plate. In addition, I cut out the top of the construction and installed
the roound wood beams on the outside. Smaller gaps were filled with wood filler.





I 3d printed small details, that I glued into place.



For a more industrial kind of look, I used some screws.



Next up will be the light system for this part and than I will make the basic structure of the "head"

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