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    voidfahrenheit reacted to Tt Andy in [CLOSED] Event Predictions [2016 MFC] (March 31st ~ May 12th)   
    The 2016 CaseMOD Invitational and MFC Event Predictions are now LIVE!!


    Comment on this thread who your top modder is for this seasons MFC for your chance to win a Core X31, Water 3.0 Ultimate, SMART DPS G 650W Gold or Riing RGB 3 pack!



    Core X31 x 1
    Water 3.0 Ultimate x 1
    Riing RGB 3 pack x 3
    Smart DPS G 650W Gold x 2

    Reminder: You can enter on both threads so don’t miss out on your chance to win some awesome prizes!!

    Pre Event Predictions will run from March 31st to May 12th

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    voidfahrenheit reacted to L3p in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    The loop. Finally!
    First some pads underneath the GPU's

    And the first fittings and pipe


    Works like a charm



    Should become something like this.

    But still lots to do.


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    voidfahrenheit reacted to ZenModz in Show us your chassis!   
    Hi every one My name is Ken, I have only just started modding But I have a long history in art airbrushing and other thing to do with art this is my first PC mod,  Some of you may have seen it online by now some not. I have started working on my next case mod, I will post a build log of on here soon. and play a bit of catch up of where I'm up to atm.
    Cheers, Ken. Zen-Modz

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    voidfahrenheit got a reaction from killRMODZ in Show us your chassis!   
    My Project G5:S.H.I.E.L.D
    using an old Apple Power Mac G5 (Late 2004) Case... Liquid Cooled by Thermaltake

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    voidfahrenheit reacted to JPModified in [Philippines] Jesse Palacio   
    Hello it's me again. oh man this is so great. just when i thought i was done with last season, here i am, back again with even TOUGHER odds going up against to me, the greatest craftsman today, Suchao. this time around, i wouild like to present my idea.


    Before anyone jumps the gun, no.. i will not be building a VEHICLE like Juggernaut. the build will be themed as CATERPILLAR equipment. so let's say for some reason, Caterpillar will produce a PC, then it would look like what im building. i hope that makes sense. anyhow, while i sit and wait for customs to release my packages, this is all for now.
    Thank you all.
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    voidfahrenheit reacted to Oz Modz in Oz Modz - Far Cry Primal   
    Sorry for the lack of posts, being on such a tight deadline with so much work to do I had to get stuck right into it. In other news the build is now finished!!! 
    I had a huge amount of fun on this project and really tried to get as much detail as possible into the build. It was always going to be a challenge to mix technology with 'Primal' but I'm very happy with the result!

    Are you keen to play Far Cry Primal? Thanks to Ubisoft I'll be giving away a few copies of Far Cry Primal and also some epic Far Cry Primal T-Shirts so head over to my Facebook page say Hi and stay tuned for the giveaway!  
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    voidfahrenheit reacted to dO_ob in [China] Icewolf Chen   
    Here are some shots of the design

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    voidfahrenheit reacted to Ronnie in [Japan] Ronnie Hara   
    Hello everyone.
    This week I'll post some pictures of the mod progress. I've tried to make the back of the case like the ANT MAN clothing. I hope you like the result. Many thanks to all the sponsors and followers of this forum.
    Painting  The case






















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    voidfahrenheit reacted to Nitemayr in [USA] Kurt Schuff   
    Quick lighting test for the corner LEDs!  Lookin' good I think!


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    voidfahrenheit reacted to Alan-Lee in [Germany] Ali Abbas   
    hi guys, and here is the progress of today.
    the pirates have the first set in skull. these little skulls were part of a cheap halloween necklace, are of plastic and will be lit up from behind later on.

    i also made a banner where i will write the PIRACY AND PROPHECY logo later on. i carved it into a 3d form for later staining.

    i also finished the cd setting in and drawer cover

    worked some  ore planking look into the sides

    just a test for visuals,,,,,

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    voidfahrenheit reacted to L3p in [Netherlands] Peter Brands   
    Thanks bud!
    I planned the whole weekend for measuring, cutting, drilling, filing, sanding etc




    Ahh yes .. what I've been waiting for!

    One arm should be able to hold 63kg.

    Not much left of the internals.

    Bottom shot

    So lets cut! (tried the dremel once again .. screw that)




    Cover plate for right side of the desk where normally the mainboard goes



    More filing needed

    And holes

    Also countersinking the PSU




    Sorry, I don't like stickers ^^

    Rads also more inside

    More holes, drilling and sanding.

    Just had to test the fans


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