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    dO_ob reacted to Tt Andy in Thermaltake V71 Fire Honeycomb mod   
    Ah my mistake, yeh it makes sense to put primer on first to get the color you want... now you got me curious on what color your indenting to paint
    anyway looking forward to seeing your build progress! will put this thread on follow
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    dO_ob reacted to LetsGetIt1220 in Van's Building a PC!   
    I have not used my V51 yet but I will be building my X99 test bench into it something this week. Will be using the Water 3.0 ultimate for cooling as unfortunately I may be required to swap out motherboards at some point so can't go full out LCS. Just need to sort out a few more fans for it in due time and it will be looking real nice
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    dO_ob reacted to LetsGetIt1220 in Van's Building a PC!   
    Looking forward to it Building PC's is always fun. 
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    dO_ob reacted to Tt Andy in What is Tt LCS Certified?   
    And many many more..... so look out for the logo!
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    dO_ob reacted to Dabeavis in The Anime/Manga Thread   
    This is just a thread for discussing any anime we are interested in, have watched, want to watch, or whatever else applies.
    I am easily a fan of classic anime including Kinnikuman, Fist of the North Star, Lupin the Third, Space Adventure Cobra, Ashita no Joe, Otokojuku, and Mobile Suit Gundam 0079 among others. I'm mainly inclined to classic franchises because I tend to feel MOST anime nowadays is too reliant on or deliberate with their use of fanservice and overly annoying characters compared to back then, thus I tend to avoid most modern animes but direct iterations/spinoffs of an older series (ex. Golgo 13 and JoJo's) or ones consisting primarily of adults (ex. Black Lagoon).

    This is an image I once made by tracing over existing images of characters and putting them in one massive group pic, all of these except for Mazinger (waiting for better subs to be available online) I have watched at least one full episode of. Unfortunately I lost most of the individual images of each character so I can't really expand the roster without doing it all over again (It's not too difficult aside from Kenshiro and Gundam). I did do one recently of Moguro Fukuzou from Laughing Salesman (Which is my current avatar) but I'm not sure If I'll bother re-making the rest.
    From left to right...Kitaro (GeGeGe no Kitaro), Ryotsu Kankichi (Kochikame), Mazinger Z, Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star), Lupin III, Astro Boy/Atom, Cobra (Space Adventure Cobra), RX-78 Gundam (Mobile Suit Gundam), Kinnikuman, Cutey Honey, Seiya (Saint Seiya / Knights of the Zodiac).
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    dO_ob reacted to Tt Andy in Not enough power but have an old PSU lying around? <Introducing Thermaltake Dual PSU 24Pin Adapter Cable>   
    Not enough power to run your overclocked cards? don't let your old power supply go to waste!

    The new Thermaltake dual PSU 24pin adapter cable comes with high quality connectors to connect two power supply units to a single motherboard, enabling the addition of a second power supply unit.
    Pictures below show 3 Overclocked GTX's in SLI benching 3DMark!

    The Dual 24pin adapter cable can be easily connected to two power supply units simultaneously. 

    When you require higher wattage from your PSU you can keep your existing unit (rather than replacing it) and connect an additional unit to meet your power requirement.

    For more information on the cable you can visit this LINK
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    dO_ob reacted to Tt Andy in Silence optimized builds anyone?   
    Has anyone built any Thermaltake silence optimized builds?
    We actually have a few cases that can provide you with great sound dampening whilst keeping a simple yet elegant look! 
    Urban T31 :  Click for more info

    Urban R31 : Click for more info

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    dO_ob got a reaction from Tt Andy in Show us your chassis!   
    Looks nice AlShuryan! cant wait to see the V 2.0 complete!
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    dO_ob reacted to Forcefedflesh in New Rig In The Making   
    Once again, I want to first apologize for Using a different chassis in the end from a competitor but at the same time, I still used the chassis for a friends rig I gave him.

    Also Btw, I won some TT peripherals back then too I haven't used so I hooked him up with a new mouse n keyboard =)

    He says thanks to Thermaltake! as regardless, you guys when I won stuff helped me help him.

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    dO_ob reacted to Tt-Vincent in Windows blocking the DPSapp? Try this fix!   
    Hello guys,
    There are a few Windows settings that blocks out the DPSapp automatically, in order to allow the DPSapp to work properly please try the fix below.

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    dO_ob reacted to CyberDracula in Core V71 Owner's Club   
    Spray painting was easy, it took about  24 hours (this includes the drying time ) :
    - remove all the black parts (to remove the front locking mechanism  you have to push out the axle) 
    - one layer of plastic primer
    - 30 min of drying
    - 2 layers of red paint (2 min drying time between them)
    - 24 hours of drying
    Changing the LEDs is a bit of a pain mostly because you have to drill out the old LEDs (cant get them out because of the glue used by Thermaltake, note to them: use some hot glue next time ), the hole operation took about 2-3 hours.
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    dO_ob reacted to EchoOOO in Core V51 Owner's Club   
    I was scrolling my news feed on my fb and then this caught my eye.
    Such elegance
    Much prestige
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    dO_ob reacted to ace in Show us your Thermaltake System   
    Here is my latest build.
    Urban T81
    Sapphire 290x Vapor-x
    1475 Watt Tt PSU
    4x4GB G.Skill Sniper series
    Black ice 360 double thick Radiator
    EK Block, Pump and Reservoir 
    120 GB Sandisk Extreme SSD (OS)
    2tb WD (Storage/games)
    It plays minesweep very well!

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    dO_ob reacted to RE Spartan in Show us your chassis!   
    $125 including shipping
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    dO_ob reacted to Dirty South PC Mods in What are the names of your rigs?   
    Shela, Kranky, Magnus, Monolith, Infinite Toxicity, Man of Steel, and soon Freddy Kruger & Sting 
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    dO_ob got a reaction from Tt Andy in new build   
    Hi Silky, i actually posted a tool on the forums where you can check how much power your components suck out of the wall
    the tool can be found on this thread
    in all honestly i recommend something a little higher than what the calculator says, also gives you more room for future upgrades
    Do you have any pics you can share with us on the build so far?
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    dO_ob reacted to RE Spartan in What type of cooling do you currently use for your system?   
    air. its cheap.
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    dO_ob reacted to RE Spartan in Ghetto mod thread!!   
    This is how my mod started out!  Yup it was THAT GHETTO!!!

    Don't get discouraged though because we all start somewhere.  After more than a year of saving and buying here and there(love craigslist) I was able to achieve this

    Hopefully,  I will be able to get some type of sponsorship(cough Thermaltake cough) for my next mod/build so it doesn't take so long.
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    dO_ob got a reaction from LetsGetIt1220 in What are the names of your rigs?   
    The rig of 1000 truths aka Slayer of no life
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    dO_ob got a reaction from Tt Andy in What type of cooling do you currently use for your system?   
    I use AIO water cooling because its maintenance free !
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    dO_ob got a reaction from rodrosenberg in Thermaltake Core V71 build by BS MODS   
    I love how it can be opened up like that! awesome mod! must have taken a long time to build
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    dO_ob got a reaction from rodrosenberg in Thermaltake Core V71 build by BS MODS   
    Wow, that's very cool!
    job well done
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    dO_ob got a reaction from Tt Kenny in Thermaltake Core V71 build by BS MODS   
    Very nice build !!
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