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Project Open Core: Liquid P5, Hardline Tubing, Illuminated System Panel


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This looks incredible! I'm really digging the carbon look.




Had a few PM's about how I configured the small display to show System Specs via CAM software, thought I would share this here in case there are future questions.


Running it as a 4th display via HDMI (tiny one at the bottom right).




For the most part it works pretty well. I did have to use a simple 2 way HDMI switch when using the Oculus Rift. For some reason the Rift and the small 7in screen don't play well together, so I just use the switch to toggle between them when I have to use the Rift.  Simple enough.

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Upgraded System Stats Display

I have received a lot of PMs and questions on YouTube regarding how I put together and mounted the small display that shows system stats. So decided to put together a more detailed "How-To" post, and upgrade the display in the proces.  The Post can be found on my Project Blog, with lots of pictures showing the step by step process.  Hit up the link below for more info.

PC Upgrade - Mounted System Stats Display


If you don't want that much detail, here is a summary video showing a few of the key steps.

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Wow - perfect built.

Where did you placed the temp sensor and which one did you use?

Can't remember the brand ofnthe temp sensor (it may be generic), but it is located on the bottom of the Radiator in one of the drain ports. Look for the Bitspower stop plug in the attached picture. That is where the temperature sensor ended up.


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Reaching out to anyone with ideas as to how to fix this issue...

Having major video playback issues. Pixilation when watching content both online streaming and local video players. Tested online with YouTube and Vimeo. Local playback with VLC and PotPlayer.

All system drivers have been updated, Flash up to date. Have wiped codecs, and then tried other codecs. Power Settings set to “Performance”.... Any ideas???  Wondering if perhaps there is something wrong with my video card?  May have to do a complete system wipe, but hoping I can avoid that.

Video showing the issue below.



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Figured I would add a few of my recent Additions to this build since its been a while without any updates.
3 months ago, went ahead an upgraded to a 1080Ti, using an EK waterblock. Stock temps are 5-10C less than the EVGA Hybrid cooler solution my GPU shipped with. Very happy with that upgrade. Video of the install can be found here:

GTX 1080 Ti EK Waterblock Install & Liquid Cooling Loop Drain

Also added some 3D Printed Fan Grills to the build, for some color pop.  2 part construction. I posted the STL files here if anyone wants to give it a go.




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I'm amazed by the time and effort you put not only in building the PC but also constantly making updates to share your idea with us.

The LED-backlit acrylic panel is really innovative but In my opinion, the glow isn't even across (also a bit too bright). I would get a thicker panel (5mm) and have the LED strip on the side. Might cause some interference though so I don't know if this is actually doable.

Interesting tube routing, wouldn't it be easier to have just one tube connecting the CPU and GPU block? 

Might be a good idea to add some dust filters for your 480 rad, it can hide behind your fan covers.

A clear blue coolant works better with your reservoir since it is LED lit. 



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