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  1. 1. Who made the best mod this season?

    • [Brazil] Douglas Alves
    • [Italy] Filippo Borgarelli
    • [Thailand] Chaipoj Khaowasut
    • [Philippines] Mhike Samsin
    • [United Kingdom] Alex Banks
    • [China] Magic Zhu
    • [USA] Marc Molella
    • [Japan] Von Carlo Rasonabe
    • [France] Olivier Maillet
    • [Russia] Kozlov Konstantin
    • [Australia] Ethan Cooper
    • [Germany] Sascha Moeske

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2 hours ago, MuRpHyNiGHtLonG said:

How on earth this ####golden collossus from brazil can get so many vote ?....

Whats the problem? He deserves it. I dont know if you have ever watched saint seya, but if you did you would understand. And, obviously, we have 200 million people on our country. This is not just a championship for us. If Douglas win that, thermaltake will see how our country has potential on this market, and will bring to us more and more products. Are you sad about that? Im sorry.

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I voted for @tantric  

First time i think that what he doing then after full transformation  i m shocked

I love Every Detail of The Mod

I m sure that he will get one of  three position between First Second n Third

Edited by Rahul Das
i correct some words and add some lines

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Vou comentar em Português msm !!! huehue !!!

E tao foda pra nos Brasileiros com a situação que anda e ainda sim ver alguns de nos sobre saindo em alguns campos fora do futebol !

Parabéns @Douglas Alves Modding !!! Belo trampo e Bela Homenagem , que continue trazendo belos trabalhos como este !

Forte abraco!

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