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Thermaltake Core V71 Full-Tower Chassis http://www.thermalta...x?id=C_00002231 Experience the next generation of chassis design! Thermaltake has introduced a new concept for more versatility and ad

Nice build Drevni!    BTW did you paint the front panel white? looks quite cool

Core V71 pushes the envelope and utilizes a high-end water-cooling solution that feature front 360/420mm, top 360/420mm and bottom 120/240mm radiators to support extreme performance.

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22 hours ago, View71 said:

Hmm, ya, I see - why not just use small cable ties to fix the fans and you only need 2 ties (diagonal mount) for each fan.

Thanks for looking, and for your response confirming what I saw, View71.  

I don't have small enough cable ties to fit through the fan holes, but I also don't see holes outside the ventilation holes to make that work.  If I had double-sided tape I could have tried that solution, but instead...

I decided to move the fan one row of ventilation holes away from the front so I could use case fan screws.  But that couldn't work either, because then the other side of the fan's holes were blocked by the other row the feet block!  

So I moved the fans two rows away from the front; fortunately my PSU is modular, but I'm still concerned with how little room there is next to the PSU for my cables.  I'm optimistic though; and now those cables will be air-cooled!



I took your suggestion to use only two screws per fan, and you're right, they still seem very secure.  (I'll probably use four screws/fan anyway when I upgrade these two fans 2021Q2 when Noctua's NF-A12x25 comes out in black.)

Incidentally, these fan positions are important to me because I want positive pressure in the case.

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just use what fits your purpose and be creative when mounting - those fans are all low speed fans hence no noteworthy torsion force on the screws. Just make sure there is nuf negative pressure in the case to remove the (hot) air b4 you get an hot air oven :)


be well..

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I think my negative pressure is good.  To help make sure I upgraded the rear fan to an Arctic P14 to go with the 280mm rad in the top (which I anticipate also upgrading the fans on, when Noctua's next gen 140mm fan comes out 2021Q4.  (I'm leaving the front 200mm fans stock, since TT designed the front panel so they're the only 200mm fans in the universe that fit.  Grrrr.)

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Hello everybody i have a small problem with my core v71 tempered glass edition, my power led goes of sometimes ore going dull power on the pc. Fans and everything are working great but my power led is going on or off sometimes, when i opened the top case and checked the board i noticed that the led is very loose those two pins that holding the led are very wiggle. Now my question is can i glue that specific part to get it sturdy again, because i know 100% sure thats the problem the loose power led.

Ps sorry for my terrible english, but my question is can i use superglue to tight up the led or can i just pull out the light to get rid of it. Because i am a bit worried it wil shorting the board on the lon run or even damage my motherbord, i cant seperate the led and the power itself because it is using one wire if i am correct. I made a arrow to what the problem is the power led is wiggly when touched, and when i touch it the led goes dull or bright.

Sometimes when i play videogames it also goes off because heat is rising up the case into the led and makes it unstable because its loose. I cant find a replacement part for this case and its only 2 months or so old. I can fix it it think with superglue but i am not sure if it wil damage the led even more. Need some advice or support from thermaltake or u guys.


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*Installing my 280mm AIO*

I bought an NZXT Kraken X63.

First I tried installing it above the steel top of the case (in the removable plastic section).  That didn't work because the top wouldn't close (I think because the AIO was too wide; I think a 360mm AIO would have fit up there).

Next I tried installing it at the top of the steel section of the case:

With the hoses on the end of the AIO towards the front of the case, I would have needed to remove the cage that added the 9th HDD tray.  
With the hoses on the end of the AIO towards the back of the case, it fit (quite tightly) against the top HDD cage.

I also noted that I do *not* have the option to install an extra pair of fans onto the AIO for 'push-pull'; this is because of RAM clearance in my motherboard.

My RAM height is 34.1mm; my motherboard is an ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero.

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