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  1. You will be unable to use Thermaltake's software when using the TT Sync controller. Also, there is no official support for using two TT Sync controllers but someone figured out how to do it here (see post 13):
  2. Did this happen after you put your computer to sleep? If so, you need to restart the software after waking your computer up.
  3. By "ran the software" do you mean that you restarted it or just pulled it up from the taskbar? After the computer sleeps/hibernates the software needs to start up fresh, sadly.
  4. Interesting. So what you are saying is they apparently dropped support for their non-individually addressable products on the TT RGB Plus software and how now made them their own version?
  5. Check to see if you can find a different version of the application to install. I'm running on an older version as version 1.2.52 crashed on me, even though all the previous versions worked fine. Someone had posted earlier versions in the forum. If you can't find one, let me know and I'll see if I have an installer for a different version than the one you're attempting to use.
  6. I haven't quite figured everything out, but it seems to be the case that when using profile 1 if you save settings it applies to the other controllers if they are also on profile 1. Try moving either controller to a different profile. However, this will mean you will need to manually adjust the color settings on devices on the other controller, should you wish them to match.
  7. Did you make sure to click save, after disabling fan 3?
  8. How do you have the devices plugged into the TT Sync controller? Per this user's thread, they had issues until they put the pump on its owner side of the controller: If this still doesn't solve your issue you could try an RMA, but Thermaltake may just blow it off as incompatible products.
  9. That's unfortunate that you don't have an RGB header. It makes things more difficult to troubleshoot. It may be the case that Phantek's controller interprets the ASUS and MSI software signals to protocols that their RGB products will understand. In which case, if that controller is not outputting ASUS or MSI RGB protocols, that could explain the abnormal behavior as the TT Sync controller would not be designed to handle Phantek's protocols. You have PWM cables running between the TT Sync controller and the motherboard, correct? Those are what actually drive the fans and pump. Connecting to the TT Sync controller to an RGB header (or in your case the built in Phantek controller) is just for the lights. You would have to ask Phantek about about this more in depth.
  10. No problem. I hope you are able to put together a setup to meet your expectations.
  11. Are you trying to control the fans with the remote or through motherboard software? It says that the built in controller is compatible with MSI and Asus RGB software. So in theory I would think it should be fine if you're motherboard is interfacing with that controller. If Phantek's built in settings are in control, then that is probably your issue. An easy way to check that you didn't receive any bad equipment is to connect it directly to a 5V RGB header on your motherboard and see it functions correctly that way.
  12. Very strange behavior. So you are connecting the TT Sync controller to the Phantek case's RGB header of some sort, not the motherboard?
  13. Thermaltake has a huge lineup of fans, so it makes it very confusing. The following are individually addressable products: Fans: Riing Plus, Pure Plus, Riing Trio LED Strips: Pacific Lumi Plus AIO Liquid Coolers: Floe 240/280/360 (these come with Riing plus fans for the radiator and the water pump has addressable LEDs built in) They have other custom liquid cooler parts as well that are addressable, but those above are the main products. Those I listed will come with a 5 port controller for control with Thermaltake's software, but can also be plugged into their 9 port TT sync controller (bought separately) which plugs into a 5V RGB header on a motherboard an allows motherboard lighting software to control the lights. You will then need to run PWM cable between the TT Sync controller and motherboard so the BIOS can control the speed of the fans.
  14. Could you be more specific about what is incorrect during non-static lighting? If, for example, you set the wave mode with a spinning rainbow are the colors out of alignment with the pump's lights? A video would be very helpful in showing the issue.
  15. You should be able to run both sets of fans. Just ensure you use the Riing Trio fans with the controller they came with. Where did you read that the controllers can not be daisy chained? I have a Riing plus 5 pack and the Lumi Plus and am running the controllers for both, daisy chained, even though the Lumi Plus controller is a newer/updated controller. You should be able to hook up your Riing Trio controller to the second connector on the Y splitter and see it show up in the software.
  16. Are these the fans you are describing? https://www.thermaltake.com/MICROSITE/Riing12RGBRadiatorFanTTPremiumEdition/index.html If so, they are not individually addressable, and thus would not work with an addressable RGB header, nor with the TT Sync controller. For the lumi strips, are you talking about these? https://www.thermaltake.com/products-model.aspx?id=C_00002810 They are not addressable either.
  17. Thermaltake sells two controllers that allow motherboard software synchronization: a 3 port one with physical buttons and a 9 port one. I forget what they call the one with physical buttons, but the 9 port one is the TT Sync controller. You connect your Thermaltake fans into it, and then connect the controller to a 5V RGB header. You will not be able to use thermaltake's software for the fan lights nor speed. So if you wish to have some fan speed control you will need to run PWM cables between the controller and your motherboard.
  18. Unfortunately, their support leaves a lot to be desired. I hope you are able to get a controller. You should trying sending a PM to Thermalmike on the forums, as he is their main support here.
  19. The TT Sync controller is a 9 port version of yours, but without the physical buttons. You will have to contact Thermaltake to get the 5 port controller. I don't know what they will charge if they will sell you it separately. If you plan to get more fans you could just order a 3 pack. But if your case came with more than 2 fans you won't be able to use them all as the included controller supports only up to 5. I don't really understand why they don't include the standard 5 port controller with their cases that come with their addressable LED fans, being it isn't sold separately.
  20. That controller does not interact with Thermaltake's RGB Plus software. The lighting can be controller either by the physical buttons or by your motherboard's RGB software (in this case MSI Mystic Light Sync).
  21. After you have fan 1 set with the others on "Copy Color", click the Save button in the upper right corner and everything should be working together. As long as you have your fans plugged into the controller in the correct order in relation to their physical position on your case, the Aurora color effect should transition from one fan to the next in order. So they actually won't all be the same color at the same time with that effect as it isn't the intention. If you set them each individually to Aurora and then hit save you might get them to be the same color and transition in sync. The front of the Trio fans is the more open side without the "throwing star" looking support backing. The fans take air in from the more open side and push it out the side with the support backing. So if you put these fans up front for intake, the nicer looking open side will face out the front of the case.
  22. As much of a pain it is to get ahold of thermaltake support, ask them if you can get a replacement controller.
  23. Hello. All of the 5 port controllers will need to be either connected to a USB 2.0 header on your motherboard, or daisy chained to another controller. Then you will need to ensure each controller has a unique number (should logically do 1 - 3) via the four dip switches on the back. You included instructions will tell you how to set the numbers. Each Controller will also need to have it's own molex power cable hooked up as well. Let me know if you have done all of this.
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