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    ThermalMike got a reaction from dRock in Connection order for 2 x TT Sync Controller TT Premium Edition   
    1. the ports dont matter as long as you connect the first port on the one side with the "DOT" on it. Also, if you are using fans on that side and want PWM control, you have to connect the PWM cable to it for each side and then control in the bios. Each side will all be the same yes. I dont think asus has a sequence mode on theirs that I saw, but I know we have it with our TT RGB Plus software so should not be an issue. 
    2. You can connect the Pump LED to anything, shouldn't matter. If you dont have any fans connected either to that side, you dont have to use the PWM, it will only work for fans. Speeds and settings for the LEDs are set in the MB software, it is not a physical connection or control off the sync controller. 
    Should be fine to use the second controller for just the pump header LED, gives you some room as well for add ons later like some LED strips. I would also suggest if you can avoid putting all the load on one controller, split it up, but it still should not matter.
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    ThermalMike reacted to Man4ester in **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**   
    Got answer from Thermaltake Taiwan, they sent me a new cable. Thank you for help and quick responce. Really helpful support.
    Best regards
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    ThermalMike got a reaction from Kiriup in **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**   
    I will stand by our product to say the TT Premium Riser cable is the best one in the market today. It would be the only option I would suggest to see if that would work for that card.
    It is a different card than the rest, but I do not have one to confirm if it does work or not.
    This cable specifically - https://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Chassis/Accessories_/_/C_00003013/TT_Premium_PCI_E_3_0_Extender_300mm/design.htm
    Please note we do have other cables out in the market, but this one is the best and is 300mm (30cm) in length.
    If Linus can run a 1080Ti from across the room with these cables, I can only hope it will work for you with just one.
    Please let me know if it works if you go this route.
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    ThermalMike reacted to Kiriup in **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**   
    Hi ThermalMike i thought i should give feedback about compatibility of my amd 390x and the riser you suggested. i finally managed to find and buy it on amazon and i am pleased to say that IT WORKS!! this is the 3rd expensive riser that i have tried and its the first to work brilliantly! thank you so much for all your help, if this hadn't worked i was prepared to give up my entire project!
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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in Floe Riing RGB 360 TT - Pump noise   
    The pump is controlled by your motherboard via the cpu header. Your motherboard should have some software that allows to control the cpu fan header or you can do it in most cases via bios. The noise may be because the header is not set to see it as a pump so might be doing some strange rpm changes thinking its a fan. 
    Sounds like you have one of your controllers set to be identified as controller number 16. Check the switches on your controller and see if they are inline with this.

    As for the error in most cases it because of a unused port on the controller that has yet to be disabled via the software. You disable the unused ports by clicking the  on the unused slots in most cases they will have a warning on them. But it might be your pump that you have yet to identify yet.  
    How many controllers are you running?
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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in error code h 0x0003   
    All good, The switches are on the back of the controllers that the fans connect to. Just make sure you have the system off when switching or reboot after doing it as Mike stated.

    in your case is sounds like you have 2 controllers so it should look like this 

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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in error code h 0x0003   
    How many controllers are you using?
    Make sure the switches on the controllers are set correctly 

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    ThermalMike reacted to TT James in Core X5 and EVGA Supernova 750 G2   
    Hello maurizio,
    could you please take a pic of your case? 
    the HDD cage should be okay to put back to the original place after installing the PSU.
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    ThermalMike got a reaction from Tack in Floe Riing TT RGB Gaming/Movie mode not working   
    To add to the sound control modes, all you need to do to get the maximum effect is have the system sound turned up. With system sound at 100% you will get the max effect regardless of the sound volume on the output device. 
    In saying that, the effect is too weak imo, it needs to have more effect which is the feedback I have already provided. 
    Waiting for our software team to update, it is a kind of new feature, more to deal with than just that. we also have some more stuff coming to, they just working out the detail atm.
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    ThermalMike reacted to kewlmunky in Tiny Scanner App Makes Scanning Documents a Tiny Task   
    Are you controlling them via Thermaltake's TT RGB Plus software? If so, you need to setup Fan 1 how you want, then set the other fans to "Copy Color" light mode and they will follow Fan 1s settings.
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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in Tiny Scanner App Makes Scanning Documents a Tiny Task   
    What mode do you have them on and what are your system specs? 
    And can you post a screenshot of the software 
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    ThermalMike got a reaction from pi24pi in TT RGB plus Software tweaks   
    No options to change it with this software. I have dug through the config files trying to find it personally. 
    With that said, we are also working on a new software, but not ready yet. 
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    ThermalMike reacted to Hardk in [Proyect log] Apc (Armoured Personnel Carrier)   
    I did not intend to get involved with a project so soon. But thermaltake has sent me toys. One lvl 20 vt. and a complete RL.
    Project in progress

    Lvl 20 vt

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    ThermalMike reacted to kienast in Help Me ThermalTeam! I cant control the fan speeds via my TT Sync   
    Hello Mike ,
    I filled up the loop today ------ > all good , no leak and  the ring fans are working .
    Please note at the moment my mobo is not connected , I am just usng the 24 pins bridge on the motherboard cable to power up the loop and the fans . 
    I have also connected the PR22 reservoir cable into the TT sync controller ----------- > no luck , the resevoir does not illuminate . 
    Is this enough to get the reservoir powered up ?  or do I also need the extra power coming from the mobo ? 
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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in Sadly Error Code:H_0x0001   
    Before you do anything just go over your connections. Make sure power connector is seated all the way. Check usb connection or if you have a microusb cable you can try usning it from the back of your pc to the controller to test.
    do the fan look like they are spinning slow or at a decent speed.
    Can you post a pic of how you have it hooked up and a pic of the power cable that came with it.
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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in TT Sync Controller and Pacific PR22-D   
    Yes it will. As long as your fans are Riing plus. 

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    ThermalMike got a reaction from InfiniteDefined in Help Me ThermalTeam! I cant control the fan speeds via my TT Sync   
    When using the TT SYNC controller, for the fans connected, make sure you have the PWM cable that connects from the controller to an available motherboard PWM header. Then, for any fan curve settings, you just need to set up in the bios.
    You should only need 1 cable plugged into the controller to control all the fans. Hope this is the trick, let us know if you need any further assistance.
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    ThermalMike got a reaction from Chrizzydizz in **ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**   
    Hi Christian,
    First off, I would highly suggest to take off your personal information from this form including your email and address that I see in your post!
    Now for the cable part, who did you contact from Thermaltake for help?
    Did you go to a form on our website to fill out?
    Did you email us directly? What email did you use?
    Hard to track down as I am in the USA here, but happy to get your message forwarded over to assist.
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    ThermalMike reacted to Axiomatic in TT RGB Plus false errors?   
    You apparently fixed this in the latest update. I just loaded your latest (I had been using an older one that did not have the original error.) You have hashed the PW now. Thank you.
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    ThermalMike reacted to davidbgtx in Riing software won't open   
    The 2.1.5 version works and I see my CPU temp. Thanks very much
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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in Riing software won't open   
    MMm You might want to try the latest software as the version you are using is quite old. Your running v1.0.2 the link below is for v2.1.5 its the latest version I could find. Not completely familiar with the non-plus riing fans.
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    ThermalMike reacted to PinoCues in Thermaltake Core V71 FAN 200 mm; Not they Working, Not they Rotating   
    Yes, they have been very kind and have helped a lot ... thank you very much for your work I hope you continue with the accompaniment that we do to all of us, we decided to marry the components and parts that thermaltake brings to the market.
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    ThermalMike reacted to antoniooninato in why tt doesn't have or make an aio gpu cooler   
    hi thanks for the info, I completely understand
    I seen your videos in youtube

    today I ordered a Thermaltake RGB mouse pad
    love your products
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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in Level 20 XT   
    That is correct. You will have only a spot for 2 x 120mm on the bottom when all the hdds are in use. 
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    ThermalMike reacted to Tack in Level 20 XT   
    The sides have a very small gap at the top and bottom that is not really useful .Yes mounting them in that fashion is more meant for radiators as it will serve no benefit for any other use then that. But the bottom of the case is going to be the source of most of your air. 

    Here is a pic of the bottom that I snapped when I was doing my build 

    Here is a pic of the gap on the side using a penny 

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