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...水神...Shui Shen (WaterGod)






Hello everybody, 


Welcome to my project page, hope to meet some nice peolples here who share the same passion that I have !

My name is Mike Petereyns and I live in Belgium (Gent) I practise several jobs for a living, one of them is at Volvo Trucks as a mechanican and my other job is my own company PC-customs.be nothing big do, just a one man army with some employees like my CNC router, 3D printer, plotting mashine and paint booth. Beside my two jobs I am also a loving father of 3 childeren and husband of the greatest support my wife. Some of you may never heared of me before but that will change now i hope... I am modding on a high level for abbout 10 years now, with several top 3 places in Europe and a Nr 1 worldwide last year with my Tri-MAX scratchbuild.  I'v been modding and traveling like crazy sins than, but I love it ! Now you know me it's time to explain or try to explain wat my plan is with this crazy "SHUI SHEN" Project !!!    






...水神...Shui Shen (WaterGod) ...as you will see the water will flow above, around and bellow the hardware components !!

There's only one that can help me with that and that's "SHUI SHEN" :D   



As you can see I will use a Core P5 case and MOD it with all the modding power I have! The picture above is a previous render I made to show wat the idea is, the final design will be improved a lot but for now you can see the idea behind it.  

I will make a custom mounting panel so I can choose where I want to mount the hardware and cooling component's. The panel will be lasercut with a very special design in but thats for later...

Also I will make a custom top clear acrylic panel with routed cannels inside to connect the watercooling loop inside the acrylic panel !! Instead of using straight line pipes I will use the acrylic panel B) ....and that's a uniqeu for me !!

The power cables will have a very special act in this project to, you will see later on ...


To keep it short I will MOD every bit and byte in this project with Godness powers!!  :rolleyes: ... So hope you will enjoy this Project as I do...SHUI SHEN!!


Kind regards Mike.P 



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Hi my fellow friends !


It's about time to get into Hyper Mode as the deadline is getting closer and closer. So i thought let me start by introducing the awesome hardware I am going to use in

The "Shui Shen" project. I haven't got enough time anymore for gaming so I selected another platform than you all probably would have selected. As I am more into video editing and CAD rendering I need more brainpower, super fast M.2 and allot of memory so i decided to take the Awesome

Asus Z10PE-D16WS dual 2011-V3 socket motherboard, stuffed with dual Xeon E5-2620V3 processors 32GB DDR4 2133MHz Avexir Platinum series and a 256 GB Samsung M.2 950 Pro. If i should play a game occasionally I have two Asus Strix 980 GTX in SLI for gaming power...Like the way it's meant to be played ;) ...All that powered by the great Thermaltake Toughpower RGB1250W powerhouse!!! 

Here are some pictures of the UBER hardware components...


As always, thanks for reading and following my buildlog....The best is yet to come :-)






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Hello my fellow friends,
Time for another update...may i present u The Shui Shen "motherboard-tray" After hours and hours sketching, measuring and dubble measuring
i got the final design ready to be laser cut. I have to use the laser as the details are so small a normal plasma cutter would burn all the material away.
So this is the mobo tray were all the hardware components will be mounted on.

As special feature I will put all the power supply wires thru the holes in the mobo-tray so it looks like the wires are disappearing inside and transforming into digital print plate wires (you will see later what i mean) So thats it for now as time flies and i still have a lot to do...


Until next update fellows!   




Until next update fellows!   :ph34r:





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Smal update,
I drilled the holes where the cables wil come thru the panel and cut away al the unnecessary material from the P5 chassis so "Shui Shen" is almost ready for the custom paint job, I still doubt about the colour combination ...Black/ red,  Metalic grey/red ?? In the mean time I have a lot stuff gooing on the in the background and parts, materials traveling from all over the world but that's for next weekend BIG update (i hope). Also I 3D printed the special mounting brackets for the Power Suply supspention so it fits perfectly and can easely be mounted after the paint job...

Stay tunned bro's  



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post-45-0-72633000-1456457897.pngUPDATE !!


Time for another update folks, if been extremely busy so I apologia for the slow rate of update's...the End is near so the updates will come fast now!  

To start with I will show you some acrylic illustrating clips where you can see the making off the CPU mounting covers and some other panels you'll come across later on...





After the parts where laser I glued them together with Acryfix and this is the result  :ph34r:



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So finally the Belgium customs released my shipment with some extra cooling parts, I was finally able to put all the waterblocks on so I can finally measure all the distances between the pteg pipes later on... BLOCK ON !! 





NOW THE RAMMMMMMMssssss X16 SLOTS  :blink:



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Some smal parts but Oooo so important are these little things... You probably wonderd how the GPU's will work let stand in SLI ? 

Well let me show you some secret "home made" stuff like these EXTREME long PCI-express 3.0 raisers and a 1meter long SLI cable !! And you know what?


IT WORKS 100%  :P


90CM long PCI-express raisers and 100cm long SLI bridge (hade some trouble with that doh) 





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Not only I hade to make some special seize cables but a powerhouse like the "Shui Shen" needs a lot of custom power cables... So I contacted a good friend of me Mundi from ICEMODZ.COM and gave him the exact length and connectors I needed for this project. And boy he did it again...what an exceptionally good quality sleev I got !! Just PERFECT color combination, length all AMAZING QUALITY !! 




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