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    Tte Martin reacted to EddyKuz in WorkLog Thermaltake Core X9 Cape Canaveral GamesCom Mod   
    Since memories are awake , the last model I have assembled 15 years ago maybe

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    Tte Martin got a reaction from EddyKuz in WorkLog Thermaltake Core X9 Cape Canaveral GamesCom Mod   
    This is beautiful, I want to cry. It would be perfect if the carrier rocket was replaced with a reservoir
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    Tte Martin got a reaction from Donaldol in Dreamhack Valencia with Lothar and Vortex from Planetkey Dynamics   
    Hearthstone has joined the ranks of the official Dreamhack tournaments since Dreamhack Bucharest in April 2014.
    Dreamhack Valencia is held from July 17th to July 19th and puts forward a €3,000 prize pool for its Hearthstone tournament. Up to 128 players try to qualify for the main tournament in a "best of 3" swiss style bracket. The 8 best players move on and join the 8 seeded players in a 16-team single elimination bracket where the semifinals and finals are played as "best of 5".
    With the support of Tt eSPORTS, German based organisation Planetkey Dynamics is sending two of their finest players to Valencia to compete.
    Jakub "Lothar" Szygulski from Poland, known from his appearances at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice (3rd), Dreamhack Bucharest, Dreamhack Summer and the TakeTV Gentlemen's Cup, is one of the 8 seeded players for the main tournament.
    Teun "Vortex" Eilts, known for various top 3 placements in ESL competitions and the TakeTV Invitational and his participation in the TakeTV Gentlemen's Cup, will go the rockier road through the open bracket to qualify for the main competition.
    Details regarding the coverage are yet to be announced, this thread will be kept up to date with any relevant information.
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    Tte Martin reacted to EddyKuz in WorkLog Thermaltake Core X9 Cape Canaveral GamesCom Mod   
    10 – 9 – 8 ... 3 – 2 – 1 – Zero Ignition ... and Lift-off!!!

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    Tte Martin reacted to EddyKuz in WorkLog Thermaltake Core X9 Cape Canaveral GamesCom Mod   
    I have cut out the front panel. Can you guess what this will become? 

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    Tte Martin reacted to EddyKuz in WorkLog Thermaltake Core X9 Cape Canaveral GamesCom Mod   
    Hello everybody,

    it is time for my new project. This time I have the honour of modding a Core X9 from Thermaltake for display at Gamescom Cologne 2015.

    First of all a HUGE "Thank you" to Thermaltake Germany, who enable me to put a CaseMod on display at Gamescom.

    Further shoutouts go to Superior Modding Supplies - Gosumodz.com and Modworkx for the collaboration.

    The project:

    Case, power supply and many cooling components are sponsored by Thermaltake

    The case is the black X9 of the Core series. I will apply a mirror mod from the outside and inside I will remodel "Cape Canaveral".

    There will be a small space shuttle inside, one of the reservoirs will server as fuel tank or carrier rocket.

    Furthermore, I will add a hangar, fuel pipes and more tanks.

    The launching pad will be illuminated by LEDs.

    I got many more ideas but need to check what can actually be carried out.

    The hardware:

    ASUS MAXIMUS VII FORMULA / ASUS POSEIDON GTX980 / OCZ Vector 180 480GB / Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original, weiße LED / CPU noch offen /

    2 x Pacific RL 420
    1 x Pacific T11 - 22 - 33
    1 x Pacific P1 Pumpe Black
    1 x Pacific W2 Cpu Kühler

    15 x Pacific 1/2'' ID x 5/8'' OD Anschlusstülle - Schwarz
    6 x Pacific G1/4 90° Adapter – Schwarz

    Thermaltake Germany / Asus Rog / Mayhems / Avexir / Gosumodz / Modworkx /  OCZ
    The First Pic´s

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    Tte Martin reacted to Americanfreak in Fallout Case Mod by Americanfreak   
    Hello everyone!

    I did this case back in 2013 for a Staff vs Staff contest and well I think it turned out pretty good.
    I have a build log on Modders-Inc if you want to check it out 






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    Tte Martin reacted to MooZ in At Doom's gate   
    Time to paint, this time i do not use spray but paint brush, because i want some textures and details about terrain that spray paint cant do.

    The floor is still hot, Airbrushing the floor to look like lava.

    And then...

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    Tte Martin reacted to MooZ in At Doom's gate   
    For this project i'll use my old case. Was the first since i started in modding, and help me to test and try new tecniques.
    Is not any of the other world, just a generic one.
    The funny part is all of paint scratches, and cuts that it has, showing the learning process D:

    In any case, i'm gonna make deep changes, so works fine for me.
    Working with the external panels, the point is add textures from "####" level. the front uses a common texture, door like, adding the flow entrance for the radiator fans.
    First, the cardboard giving the shape and then adding the details.


    The top is detailed too, adding some spikes and bones

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    Tte Martin reacted to idpcmods in PROJECT STEAMPUNK   
    Ok so more purchasing. Below are the components list so far both purchased and not...
    Mobo - egc A960M-MV
    CPU - AMD Athlon II 3ghz
    GPU - ATI radeon 4870
    PSU - tba hoping for fully modular but depends what funds allow
    SSD/HDD - AIMING for 2x 120gb ssd's but failing that will get a 500gb hdd.
    Ram - tba - using gold coloured heatsinks
    Water cooling -
    reservoir - Vintage Wine Bottle
    Tubing - solid 1/4 copper pipe hard drawn
    Fittings brass 1/4 compresion fittings
    Pump - 12 volt sle water pump
    Water block cpu - tba (perhaps a thermaltake w2? )
    Waterblock gpu - aquagrafix ati 4870 copper full block
    Fans - thermaltake riing fans 120mm x4 (waiting on orange to be released but red will suffice)
    Radiators - 360mm rad x1 / 120mm rad x1
    So far thats the list will see if there are any changes but all depends on dollars and any interested sponsors
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    Tte Martin reacted to FilLis in [PHOTOS] Weekly Giveaway Prize (Week 2)   
    Tt eSports - Thank you for a prize!  

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    Tte Martin got a reaction from Arcis Modz in Project Buyangyang   
    This looks promising! Liked your Facebook page to stay up to date
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    Tte Martin reacted to Arcis Modz in Project Buyangyang   
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    Tte Martin reacted to Boddaker in R2M1   
    Figured I'd take a break from the treehouse and get some work done on this case..

    I needed to cut some windows in the panels so you will be able to see the motherboard.  Each side will have the same window cutout.

    Here is the front panel on the case, showing how it lines up with the mobo platform.

    That's all fine and dandy, but I need to do something about the holes at the bottom of the window.  To make it look more like a planned window, I need to fill in some of the holes to complete the solid border the factory panel had.

    I brought out the JB Weld, taped the front and filled in all the holes to get the same border width as the rest of the panel.

    Once that set up, I removed the tape, and it came out pretty good.  Just a few cavities that can easily be filled in with bondo.

    Skipping ahead through all the sanding and priming, I now have a couple white panels.  You can see the front panel on the right with its factory-looking borders. 

    In addition to the panels, I got a bunch of other parts painted over the weekend, including the top bezel and its mesh cover.  I painted the center a metallic blue.  

    And with the mesh cover on.  The drive bay covers will be that same blue.

    I also took the Titan Black apart and painted it to match...

    And re-assembled.  On a whim, I decided to paint the underside of the clear acrylic window as well.  I wanted to do something a bit different, and I didn't think not seeing the cooing fins was a bad thing.

    I love it!

    I'll be getting the rest of the case assembled, and then it's on to cabling and sleeving.  yay.
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    Tte Martin got a reaction from ShadoWx3Sandy in [CLOSED] [Nominations] CaseMOD Inivtational Season 2   
    I nominate https://www.facebook.com/davidolabidomods from the United Kingdom
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    Tte Martin reacted to nKwoel in [PHOTOS] Weekly Giveaway Prize (Week 1)   
    Finally, my prize from Weekly Giveaway Week 1 has come to my home safely. And the mouse found his new home


    Thank you Josh
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    Tte Martin reacted to hotcoolman in [CLOSED] VOTE   
    I've made a compariosn of all 7 rigs.
    Where can we find their benchmarks? Do want to see.

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    Tte Martin reacted to Tt Andy in Support in Japan via TT website support page?   
    Hello fbrent60
    Welcome to the forums, 
    I just had a look at the video and it seems like there could be a few things that caused the problem, please try the following and let us know if it is working for you. If not please take a photo of the inside and we will try and sort things out for you
    Step 1
    Please open your pump by twisting the cap off 

    Step 2
    Clean the insides and make sure there is no dust, dirt or any liquids inside.

    Step 3
    Take the O-ring out and clean underneath including the O-ring itself

    Step 4
    Place the o-ring back after everything is dry and clean, make sure its in the right position (refer to the photo)

    Step 5
    Make sure the o-ring is secured properly then screw back the pump

    Step 6
    When #### back the pump, make sure that everything is seated correctly especially the o-ring and fasten tightly


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    Tte Martin reacted to Steve N. Mavronis in Core V21   
    Suggestion for Thermaltake:
    It would have been nice to have a cable management panel with grommets that partially covers 1/2 to 2/3 of the opening between the motherboard tray and front of the case, still leaving room for any possible radiator and/or fans. From pictures there looks like holes drilled along the side bar edges of the motherboard mounting plate that something like this could attach to. I think an added cable management plate with maybe two rubber grommet holes would look really great and cancel some of the criticism in reviews of the case over excess cables tucked underneath being exposed to view due to the large window showing some of the lower deck area.
    I'm planning a Summer 2015 build using the Core V21 anyway and think I'm going to make my own cable management panel as an easy internal improvement mod. I hope Thermaltake sees some merit in this. I would have been willing to pay the little extra it would cost to include with the case.
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    Tte Martin reacted to GEvans in Core V21   
    I have a question about a new build I'm putting together using this chassis in it's shipped state. With one windowed panel and two vented panels, I wonder about the best configuration for airflow.
    The intention was the window on the side near the video card, with a Swiftech H240-X CPU cooler mounted above it as exhaust, two Cougar 140mm fans on the front directed as intake and one Cougar 140mm on the back for exhaust.
    The front panel has openings on the side of my stacked fans that were there to accomodate the 200mm fan. Will I need to cover that in some way to keep a high static pressure and to prevent air pulling around the side instead of from the room?
    With the single 240 radiator up top, some air will naturally escape through the other half of the vented top. Will that keep enough air from flowing over my open air GPU?
    With a second vented side panel what keeps the air moving in a direct path to cool components instead of bleeding out through that panel?
    Obviously my biggest concern is the GPU. The CPU has an oversize AIO liquid cooler on it, but without putting an intake fan right next to the GPU or rigging a baffle in the front to force the intake air to the left, how do I keep the air going where I want it?
    I'm considering putting a piece of cling wrap between the filter and the right panel so that it doesn't exhaust, and covering half of the top the same way. The second way which I'm not excited to undertake would be a second window panel and dremmeling out intakes for two fans on that side so that air can't just bleed out through the rest of the panel. Any thoughts?
    OCZ Fatal1ty 1000w PSU,
    ASRock Z97M Fatal1ty
    Core i7 4790K overclocked to at least 4.3-4.5
    Corsair Vengeance 1866 16gb
    Samsung 850 Pro 256Gb SSD
    MSI GTX980 Gaming Twin Frozr
    Swiftech H240-X (x1)
    Cougar 140mm Hydro (x3)
    I'll post pictures when I'm done but the entire inside has been repainted.
    I've decided to go with a vertical motherboard setup.

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    Tte Martin reacted to JPModified in DOTA 2 Inspired core v71 Case MOD   
    Hi folks. although im new to this forum, im not at all new to modding. im posting this worklog on a build im doing for a client, on a Core V71 case. this will be a "quickie" build since i will only have a week or so to finish it. i will only be working on the case and the final pics of the finished build will have to be coming from the client, once i send over the case. please come join me on this short build. i will be posting pics of the progress once i begin tomorrow.
    Thank you. updating this thread soon. =)
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    Tte Martin got a reaction from ThermalMike in Riing release date?   
    They are not a copy but look similar. For the Riing fans we use a patented system for the LED illumination and we only use 2 LEDs that distribute the light equally in the whole Riing. Other LED ring fans might have a very bright light spot where the LED is.
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    Tte Martin reacted to STUART_GGF in [Australia] Stuart Tonks   
    Finally got round to testing the screen once finished in the front. 2 minutes of calibrating and she was good to go. Last thing to go on the front is the TT badge.


    OK time for the final bunch of updates.
    Now the back was looking REALLY bland. So came up with an idea to fix that. You'll see it in it's end result in the end but this is how it got there



    Now it was time to work on the right side panel (the PSU side) it need a vent or hole for the PSU fan

    Now the main final task I had to do was the GPU power runs. From the very start I set out to running solid copper wiring.
    Progress shot


    One lot of heatshrink on

    Made up some caps to finish it off

    Final shot of build coming together

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    Tte Martin reacted to Fabio Moma in [Japan] Fabio Moma   
    New UP's  . 

    LED's Work is Japanese Culture ! there's no way ... haha

    Hello ~ 

    X-Zone Japan Modder Community !! Yeah ~!!

    LED'S  ON !!     


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    Tte Martin reacted to Suchao Prowphong in [Thailand] Suchao Prowphong   
    Thanks all
    I would say more , but the language I'm not positive




















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