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    Tte Martin reacted to davido_labido in [UK] Dave Alcock   
    So today's job was getting the mobo and RAM ready. Again, massive thanks to AVEXIR and ASUS for these goodies!
    So First the RAM.
    First I took the RAM apart, obviously I wouldn't recommend this as it's not the easiest thing to do and it does void the warranty (I imagine)

    I also managed to peel all of the metal plates from the side of the RAM. This took a lot of patience, these plates are made out of thin metal, so too much pressure and they bend easily.

    Next up its a coating of primer for all of the removed parts.

    Then a lot of niiiiiice orange.

    and then, even more orange!!

    After its all dry, I stuck it back together.

     as you can see, the metal plates haven't stuck correctly on one or two of the sticks, so I will be redoing them, I want to give them a good 24 hours or more so I know the paint is 100% before I mess with them again.

    I think these have come out pretty well! (other than the plates not sticking properly, but that's an easy fix)

    So next up it was the motherboard. The great thing about these ASUS Sabertooth boards is you can spray the armor changing the look of them entirely. 
    Same as before, I took it apart

    I also removed the southbridge and VRM heatsinks,  these will get a light coating, nothing too crazy, I don't want to affect their performance too much.

    Again, i put a coating of primer onto all the parts

    you can see how light of a coat i used on the heatsinks, you can almost see through it!

    Next up it's the real paint! 

    again, just a light coat on the heatsinks.

    I then waited for it all to dry, put it all back together and added the ram. With a little bit of extra orange detailing I think it looks great!! 

    ASUS represent!

    you can see the orange of the VRM heatsink popping through from beneath the Armor in places

    The RAM looks great in the board, just still need to sort out the plates are peeling off. I think I need some better glue.

    I did want to paint the miniature fan that you get with these boards, but unfortunately, I broke it =(... Not doing anything crazy, I just pulled it out of the box, put it on the side ready to work on, and it must have fallen on the floor. I heard a crunch and that was that. Gutted.

    That pink sticker has gone now too, I started to remove it before these pics, then must have got distracted. ooops!

    The orange in the detailing is a slightly different colour, but from a distance you can not tell. 

    I tried not to use too much and just highilght certain parts

    A little test fit of the now orange and white davido_labido style GPU's

    and one final picture because why not?!

    what do you guys think about this little ASUS/AVEXIR mod? 
    I know white and orange isn't for everyone, but I think we are starting to see some progress!?
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    Tte Martin reacted to seasixfour in Pacific RL240 Kit How-to Guide   
    Hi guys.
    Recently finished my Thermaltake RL240 build.
    Just waiting on a couple of 90 degree adaptors to fix the small CPU kink.
    Current temps are amazing, at stock, both GTX 980 ti cards barely reach 38 degrees on any game/benchmark.
    Can vouch for Thermaltake quality, that's for sure.
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    Tte Martin got a reaction from Mattmax in Core X Radiator max thickness   
    Limitations for the radiator thickness at the top of the case are 48mm with all ODD cages in. With the top ODD cage taken out, it is 92 mm (you can take out the second and the third too, of course). The rest is only limited by your hardware.
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    Tte Martin reacted to 1Pariah in Chassis for Dusty environment   
    If you are going with a Thermaltake case with that in mind I would suggest that you go with a
    Here is a link from newegg if this helps. It has all the options you would need including dust filters that you could readily change out with a decent budget in mind. Not too low, and not too high. In my opinion this would be the best ideal option for a shop computer
    Thermaltake Suppressor F51 E-ATX Mid Tower Tt LCS Certified Gaming Silent Computer Case CA-1E1-00M1NN-00
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    Tte Martin reacted to MKsoft in [Russia] Maxim Kisin   
    Design cooling the graphics card.

    Picked up piece of plexiglas

    Milling form




    And small video.

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    Tte Martin reacted to Boddaker in [USA] Brian Carter   
    The time has come to create the opening for the motherboard's IO, but I needed the factory cutouts for a template.  I couldn't just put the entire case up next to the inner chamber, so I cut it out. 

    Now I'm free to mark the openings with the stock "Ttemplate"..  I included the GPU's IO brackets as well so I could transfer those holes for the displayport, HDMI, and DVI ports.

    Holes marked..

    Motherboard IO cut and the panel in for a test fit..

    With that in place I knew right where to add the standoffs, so now the motherboard is mounted.

    Moving on to the GPU cutouts..

    Graphics cards installed!

    Next up is drilling holes for the pump wires, along with other cables such as USB3 and front IO.

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    Tte Martin reacted to BlueHorseStudios in [USA] Ron Lee Christianson   
    Today I got started working on the side panel door,and paint the chassis body,after tear down and sanding I applied my base coats and a old world copper finish the airbrushed in some weathering. For the case door. I want to make it look like Port hole or steam hatch.

    The material Ill be using in this process is 00.80 ABS and polystyrene.




    In my next update Ill do some work on the reservoir bodies, I want to make them look like fuel cells, should be fun, Stay tuned In!!

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    Tte Martin reacted to Richi in Project F1 Dream - Lvl 10 Ltd Edition Titanium   
    Hi guys, really sorry about the lack of updates on this went through big home move and had to take rig (not fully completed to show at i55) here is a few shots of it on display at the show. I will follow up with final pictures once I have completed the tubing change over.

    Will follow up with more as soon as I get desk built and change over a few things, for now enjoy.
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    Tte Martin reacted to alexciobanu in [Australia] Alex Ciobanu   
    Hey guys,
    Here is another update on the system. Work on the case continues but first I would like to let you guys know the entire spec list
    Case – Two modded Thermaltake Core X9s
    Motherboard – ASUS Sabertooth X99
    CPU – Intel i7 5930K
    GPU – 3 x ASUS STRIX GTX970s
    Memory – 8 x 4GB Avexir Core Series DDR4 2400Mhz (4 x orange LED, 4 x blue LED)
    SSD – Samsung SM951 512GB AHCI M.2 ; 2 x 500GB Crucial MX200 SSDs
    PSU – Thermaltake Toughpower Grand 1200W Platinum
    Cables – Icemodz custom sleeved cables
    Radiators – 4 x Thermaltake Pacific RL480 Radiators
    Fans – 26 x Thermaltake Riing 12 High Static Pressure LED Fans - Orange, Blue and White
    Pumps – 2 x Thermaltake Pacific PT40-D5 Silent Kit Reservoir/Pump Combo with Thermaltake Pacific T11 Reservoirs
    Reservoirs – 2 x Fully Custom Reservoirs and 2 x Thermaltake Pacific R33 Reservoir
    Fittings – Various Thermaltake 16mm Rigid Compressions fittings , right angles and extension fittings as well as some soft tubing compression fittings for 3/8†ID x 1/2†OD tubing that I will be using in some spots. Also a few Bitspower pass-through fittings.
    Tubing - Thermaltake V-Tubler PETG Tube 16mm OD
    CPU Block – Thermaltake Pacific W1 CPU Water Block
    GPU Blocks - Thermaltake VGA Water Block for ASUS STRIX-GTX 970
    Coolant – Mayhems Aurora 2 Silver base concentrate and a combination of Mayhems Dyes in Red, Yellow and Blue to achieve the desired coolant colour
    Lighting – Icemodz RGD LED Strips
    Other – Thermaltake Commander FT – Touchscreen Fan Controller, 3 x Vandal Momentary and Latching switches for custom power button as well switch for the reservoir LEDs, custom MNPCTECH case feed, MNPCTECH machined aluminum fans grills and acrylic grills for the radiator fans as well as some modders mesh
    I'm really excited for everything going in this system and can't wait to see it up and running
    Here are some more pics of the work in progress. Started working on the bottom section too!
    Acrylic motherboard tray is in.


    And here is the case with the bottom section attached!




    Hope it's starting to look more like a spaceship
    Thanks for checking it out and stay tuned for more!
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    Tte Martin got a reaction from CrossUp in Core V1 Snow Edition Release   
    Hello CrossUp and welcome to our forum. Which region are you in? The release dates differ a bit sometimes.
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    Tte Martin reacted to Killuminati in Thermaltake WP100 case release date?   
    Sounds good. I know you probably can't tell me this but I'll speculate anyways. I'm guessing these are going to be priced somewhere inbetween Case Labs overpriced stuff and your current cheaper\smaller thermaltake offerings. Maybe somewhere around $300-$400? I could be way off and I'm just thinking out loud now. Thanks for letting us know around what time these will hit the shelves. Now I can hold off on buying that 900D I was eyeing and comfortably wait for that sexy sexy WP100. I'm going to be doing a complete custom loop upgrade when WP100 arrives on my Youtube channel so you'll have some free advertisement
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    Tte Martin reacted to Hukkel in Insomnia I55 Thermaltake project - finished photos daylight   
    And here final pictures in a dark environment. Which shows my photographing skills suck donky-behind.

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    Tte Martin reacted to Jeng_Ki in [Thailand] Jeng Ki   
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    Tte Martin got a reaction from LetsGetIt1220 in Thermaltake and Insomnia I55   
    Nice photos! Was nice to meet you, Ben
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    Tte Martin got a reaction from Hukkel in Insomnia I55 Thermaltake project - finished photos daylight   
    As your "handler", may I just say that this turned out far better than I could ever hoped? It looks amazing when turned on (especially the front) and was a real eyecatcher. Lots of people at Insomnia 55 asked "Where can I buy this?"
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    Tte Martin reacted to Hukkel in Insomnia I55 Thermaltake project - finished photos daylight   
    Here are some finished photos during daylight.

















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    Tte Martin reacted to MKsoft in [Russia] Maxim Kisin   
    Make Waterblock for CPU. Design model.
    Milling of copper heat sink   Milling brass spacer     Plated with rhodium and gold. This is result.


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    Tte Martin reacted to WalamusPrime in Volos mouse button click issue   
    Ahh, gotcha!

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    Tte Martin got a reaction from ThermalMike in Core V71 owner, Need New Top/Front USB 2/3 Headphone/mic Panel   
    Please check with our customer service department in Germany at support@thermaltake.de if the spare part is available.
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    Tte Martin reacted to EddyKuz in [Germany] Edgar Marckmann   
    The Thermaltale Pacific reservoir is mounted onto an 8mm thick plexiglass plate.
    Drilled M3 holes in all corners and used a tap and die to prepare the reservoir mounts.

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    Tte Martin reacted to AlShuryan in DRAGON   
    Concept of the 3D Dragon element

    So many paints used in this project

    Side window after Laser etching

    Here is the 3D printed Dragon Face

    Working on making parts clear for glow thru lighting

    Finished Dragon after hand painting

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    Tte Martin reacted to davido_labido in [UK] Dave Alcock   
    Well, I had a parcel arrive today so I can finally start my build log! YAY!

    I will edit this post later with sponsor logos and such, but i just wanted to get the ball rolling!
    So, without further to do!!
    This is my box, there are many like it but this one is mine. My box is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I master my life. Without me it is useless, without my box I am useless.

    Inside the box was lots of stuff... I mean... Crazy amounts!! so much it wouldn't all fit on my table and it will take me a few days to go through it all!!

    First of all, let's have a look at the CPU block. I found 2 old friends up the attic. I will call them Jay and Em (they might resemble 2 EU Tt colleagues, but I assure you they are toys
    So i chose the Thermaltake Pacific W2 CPU block.

    With help from Jay and Em I was able to get inside

    Inside the box there are all fittings for all the common socket types as well as some plastic inserts to allow us to change the colour of the glowing name

    Come on Tt dudes, you need to lift that block up for me so i can get a better picture -.-

    Cheers lads! As you can see, G1/4 fittings and some mounting gear pre-fitted for our convenience.

    Next up we have these.... 
    20 x 120mm Tt Riing fans with orange LEDs

    I have used the white versions of these before and they have been great. As you can see from the spec, they are excellent for radiators.

    Inside the box you get everything you need, screws, a cable to reduce the fan speed and noise and also a molex to fan adapter for if you have 20 fans and run out of fan headers

    sigh, Jay and Em decided to hide. They are not very clever though.

    Oh excellent. Now they have climbed on top!!! They are probably looking for a bar.

    I knew it!!! After a long day at work looking at some awesome Tt goodies, they wanted a nice cold beer!  
    As per usual, Em couldn't handle his beer. Jay is going strong though!!!

    Oooops, maybe not, I best go and put these two to bed for the night! I will be back tomorrow!

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    Tte Martin reacted to Hukkel in Insomnia I55 Thermaltake project - finished photos daylight   
    Onwards with some more plexi work
    First off the small window for over the rear SSDs. This is there to protect the SSDs from people that like the ones too much that are fitted to the rear of this project. I tried to somehow keep some lines from the inside involved in this.
    I polished up all edges of the window.



    Next up another piece of acrylic. This time for the mounting of a single HyperX SSD. I tried to make the shape of the paintjob resemble the X on the SSDs. This will be mounted behind the motherboard tray with a doorwindow so it is always visible.


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    Tte Martin reacted to Hukkel in Insomnia I55 Thermaltake project - finished photos daylight   
    Fitted some of the goodies




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    Tte Martin reacted to EddyKuz in [Germany] Edgar Marckmann   
    Prototype Flying SSD

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