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**ATTN Users with Thermaltake Riser Cables**

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Hello from Russia!

Apparently, I have the same problem. I own Core P3(bought it in official retail store) for a year now. Several days ago I purchased new GPU and wanted it to be mounted verticaly and I took inclosed riser cable. First my PC booted with black screen(all was attached correctly). Second time it booted as normal, however GPU-Z said that GPU was working x16 1.1 instead of 3.0. It was all way long 1.1 on load or not(for those who will say it will become 3.0 on load). I want to mention, that GPU plugged directly to MB is working in PCI-E 3.0 from the start.

So, am I under warranty due to this situation? Is it possible to have the cable changed or it is working in PCI-E 1.1 as intended?

After having read all pages, I want to add that my inclosed riser cable has black clip and "Flyconn" label instead of "Thermaltake"

Unfortunately, it's not even possible to purchase premium TT cable as Russian Thermaltake website does not have it in stock.

Thanks for You help, and sorry for any mistakes I made.

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Hi ThermalMike 

I have a problem with the whole RMA situation and riser cable, I only purchased the Thermaltake because of the video I saw with Linus, however, I had no idea about the different Quality cables and frankly why would you even make a cable without shielding.

HERE is what I sent an RMA request form     RMA Request Number: T130565  

Brief description on the issues you are having  -  
   ------Extreme amounts of RF/EM interference making my tv blackout or scrambles its signal real bad with this cable installed, and I'm not sure if it is part of the cause however since I installed the cable I have burned up 5 video cards / rebooting issues , never even thought anything about the cable having issues causing problems since I saw Linus talking about Thermaltake Riser cables then I noticed after my problems  you sent him  premium cables and not all your cables are of the same quality , however I accidentally came across all the problems people are having when someone asked me if I had one installed from all the issues I was having , I replaced several video cards  and a motherboard and spent hours/days/weeks, trying to test everything wasting my life trying to get my computer to work, minimum, bare minimum I feel you should give me a refund of the price I paid & send me a premium riser cable .....
1. Motherboard Make/Model   -----  Maximus XI Formula 
2. GPU Make/Model       -----------    Asus RX-STRIX-590 /Asus  RX 580 STRIX  T8G  / Asus RX580 OC / XFX RX580 / XFX RX  590  / XFX RX 580 GTS
3. Your invoice/receipt   ORDER DATE:             12/20/2017VIEW & PRINT ORDER DETAILS Order Total: $27.41 Order # XXXXXXXX Thermaltake TT Gaming PCI-E x16 3.0 Black Extender Riser Cable 200mm AC-053-CN1OTN-C1Sold and Shipped by NeweggQty: 1

i received email confirming the RMA however first being told i do not have to send the old cable back ( and that being said in this forum and all throughout the whole RMA process, then I was told that you guys will not do a refund or replace with a better cable and that I had to send the old cable in before they send me out a new same cable.

  Do you see where I am starting to have a huge issue?

first off why am I being told that I have to send in my old cable when the RMA process says I do not, I Spent good money on a garbage cable that you will not refund? and then offer to send me another same Quality garbage cable? why would I want another piece of crap cable?  after me spending my personal time trying to diagnose & replace 6 Video cards 2 Motherboards 1 Power supply & RAM diagnosing and me complaining to the Manufactures and waiting for RMA's not being able to play my games for almost a year.

I feel I should post this issue on several Social media about how TT treats an issue like this without a refund or upgrade, even though the cost is not a whole lot the problem is your company has affected a lot of people and wasted time of everyone owning this cable & I am surprised there is not any class action as I have heard from some other people.

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Hi guys!

I just bought a week or so ago a TT non premium riser cable... I didn't even think of searching the internet about an extension cable I mean... Yeah: it burnt the led display of two GPUs. No biggies, the cards work just fine, but all the led got short-circuited.
So I am pretty #### right now and I am definitely not plugging that crap again. Don't get me wrong, I love the view 71 and have no problem with TT in general, but these cables are a fraud...

Do you guys have tried other brand's cables? Or are they all a "maybe it will work, maybe it will burn your GPU" type of bet? I'm having a replacement for the cards, thankfully and I wonder if there is a safer solution than a 50/50 bet...

Thank you,

PS: @Matono72 A bit of a late response as I'm cruising through this topic, but here's the video in question : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5xvwPa3r7M

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